October 24, 2016

Tillie Tinkham's Golden Thimble Society!

Lydia Lindenwood Learns to Sew!
Lydia Lindenwood is busy sewing for her younger sister.
She is making a pattern for the bodice of a gown.

Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe, looks over Lydia's shoulder to check on her progress and offer advice. The little pincushion doll stands at the ready with her little scissors.

A sewing bird is attached to the tavern table. The strawberry emery was in my Grandmum's button box for years. Lydia has a fondness for strawberries.

Lydia has sewn the cartridge pleats to the waistband on half of the skirt and the flat area in the center and is sewing the other half of the cartridge pleats. The cartridge pleats make for a nice full skirt.

Here in a closer look, one can see Lydia's mouse-like stitches that Tillie approves of!

The Golden Thimble Society commenced as Tillie wanted to assist the Queen Anne English Wooden dolls with their needlework.

Our dear readers may recall that Tillie also previously started "Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle" for the Corgyncombe and Towpath Cottage Hittys and enjoys sewing with the dolls!

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