November 10, 2016

Nutmeg Flits Amidst Autumn Loveliness!

Like a Hummingbird She Flits and Flies!
Nutmeg was out amongst the autumnal leaves busily flitting about, gathering any flowers that she could find.

She found some wild asters around the little apple tree.

Nutmeg flew over to the maple trees.
What a lovely day to flit and fly about in!

Nutmeg flits and flies about so fast, like a hummingbird, she is quite difficult to keep up with!

She took the asters over to the stone wall where she has a little cave amongst the rocks!

She flew out to the garden and what a delight to find some sweet violets amongst the sweet woodruff and autumnal leaves!

Over to the edge of the bird bath, the water covered with fallen leaves.

In she slides and floats atop a colorful maple leaf.

Lovely Autumnal leaves at water's edge on Corgi Creek. Green forget-me-not leaves can be seen under water.

"Thursday, October 19th. - The brooks and streams are often gayly strewn with the fallen foliage; the mill-dam at the Red Brook was sprinkled this afternoon with bright leaves, red and yellow, like a gay fleet from fairy-land."
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850, by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Landing near her cave with her sweet violet.

Nutmeg was made by talented dollmaker Margaret Flavin.

Nutmeg tucked in her cave amongst the rocks.
The fragrance of the violet fills Nutmeg's cave with a wonderful scent!

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