April 2, 2016

Grandfather's House with Maple Trees and Stone Walls Round!

Ancestral Old New England Houses!
My great great great grandmother's great grandparent's old house in Rhode Island. I love this house with its wonderful stone walls and maple trees! It was my 6th great grandfather's house.

My great great great grandmother.

My great great grandfather.

My great grandmum.

My grandmum.

Maple sugar at the Small house at Old Sturbridge Village.

This delightful old family house looks like a Tasha Tudor illustration!

My Grandmum who lived in the house (below) was 4th great granddaughter to the early New Englanders who built the old red Rhode Island house (above) with stone walls and maple trees round.

Grandmum's house, a very old red house with maple trees circled round, maple trees that we tapped for maple syrup and sugar sweetness. Grandmum's house looked just like a Tasha Tudor illustration!

On the 1855 Agricultural Census my grandmum's great grandfather is listed as having made 100 pounds of Maple Sugar.

I painted the pussy willows around my photograph of Sarah collecting sap with Tasha Corgi. Tasha Tudor loved it!

Maple sugaring is a tradition in my family!

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