March 16, 2016

Eleazer Arnold House; My 8th Great Grandfather of Early RI!

Ancestral Old New England Houses!
The Eleazer Arnold house built ca 1693 in Lincoln, Rhode Island, near Providence.

My 8th great grandparents Eleazer and Eleanor Arnold lived in this house.
The house and its wonderful stone chimney hark back to the architecture of old England, where so many of my ancestors hailed from before settling in New England.

The huge stone chimney that formed much of the end of the house is known as a stone-ender and is unique to Rhode Island.

How marvelous it would have been to be greeted at the door by my 8th great grandparents Eleazer and Eleanor Arnold, and bid to come and sit by the fireplace and warm myself whilst hearing tales of the early settlement of Rhode Island, things that were passed down through the generations. Eleazer Arnold's inventory lists that he had a "spining wheale", "27 1/2 pound of wool", and "Nineteene sheepe". How I would have enjoyed spinning in front of the fire with my kindred folk, perhaps sharing the pleasant task of spinning, taking turns at the wheel with my 7th great grandmother Elizabeth. To take part in the preparation of a meal at the old family fireplace would have been most joyful!

Such are some of the thoughts that come to mind when e'er I visit an old ancestral home.

My 5th great grandfather Stephen Smith, Revolutionary War soldier, was great grandson to Eleazer Arnold through Eleazer's daughter Elizabeth (Arnold) Smith. Stephen Smith's wife was Elizabeth (Tinkham) Smith.

My grandfather and his brother, direct 6th great grandsons of Eleazer Arnold.

Rhode Island was home to many of my direct early New England ancestors, such as Cook, Angell, Bates, Weaver, Whipple, Harrington, Arnold, Whitford, Smith, Aylesworth, Lewis, Greene, Lee, Mumford, Whitman, Harding, Rose, Tripp, Cummings, Gardner, Austin, Sly, Brownell, Matteson, Wood, Straight, Chase, Sweet, Head, Dodge, Freeborn, Tinkham, Eddy, Nichols, Vaughan, Coggeshall and others.

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