March 7, 2016

Valentine's Celebration at Hitty Beth's Towpath Cottage!

Corgyncombe Hittys Meet Towpath Cottage Duckies!
Ima, Hitty Beth, and Hitty Rachel celebrate Valentine's Day!

The Corgyncombe Hittys were invited to a Valentine Celebration at Towpath Cottage. That morn before leaving, and upon coming from barn chores I was delighted to discover that an expected package had arrived. Without time to open the package as we were due at Towpath Cottage, I loaded the package in the vehicle and off we dashed to the party. The first thing that we did after arriving and unloading was to open the package. What fun it was opening the package with a friend! How we all oohed and aahed at the contents of the package... Our Dear Readers will have to wait to see what was inside that package in a later post at the Corgyncombe Courant.

After a cup of tea, in the photograph above the Corgyncombe Hittys were most delighted to present Hitty Beth of Towpath Cottage and Hitty Beth's Mum with a surprise gift! There for the occasion was a representative of Finch Post, Willy Nilly Tweet Sweet who holds an end of the ribbon that ties the surprise.
We were inspired by Tasha Tudor's Sparrow Post to have our own post for the dolls and critters.

With the package open, Hitty Beth was thrilled to have her own Post Box for her own Towpath Cottage!

Recently, Hitty Beth had found a couple of cute Ducky friends who now live at Towpath Cottage, too. They were also very happy with the new Post Box! The little Ducky boy was so excited he got his bill stuck in the post slot and Ima had to pull him out!

Hitty Beth's Towpath Cottage

The Post Box was hung outside Towpath Cottage. Hitty Beth opens the door to see Willy Nilly Tweet Sweet delivering a Valentine! She thinks the Post Box is placed just right.

The Duckies brought out their stool so they could check out the Post Box.

What a fun day we all had!

Chirpy Cheerful, as seen in a photograph taken in 2009, also flies for Finch Post.
Here he is at the Finch Post Office Main Branch.

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