May 10, 2015

Mother's Day!

Sitting on the Lawn
Above is my Grandmum (my Father's Mum), my Mum who's expecting my little brother, and me little Diane. Look who has her arms crossed just like her Grandmum! No wonder my Mum always told me when I was little, "You're all Shepard!" When I was little I always remember Grandmum in her apron and her hair done up in a bun. She had an old Kalamazoo wood cook range that I remember her cooking and baking family meals on. She had a Jersey cow, pigs, and chickens. Her cellar was stocked full of canned goods and she was well known as a "Canning Fool". Grandmum loved to garden and she had vegetable and flower gardens. Her favorite flower was the Iris, of which she had many varieties. I remember sitting on the lawn with her making dandelion curls and eating potato chips at the same time! One of her greatest delights was bringing us a puffball that she found for my Father and I to cook and savor.

Grandmum always reminded me of Tasha Tudor!

Here is a link to a previous post about my Grandmum
at the Corgyncombe Courant:

Here is a link to a previous post about my Mum
at the Corgyncombe Courant:

Happy Mother's Day to our Dear Readers!

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