January 27, 2015

Christmas Tea and Tillie's Sewing Circle!

A Delightful Hitty Gathering!
Ima and Hitty

When a dear friend saw our Hittys she decided she wanted a Hitty of her very own! Before Christmas, our friend's Hitty Beth arrived!
Above, Ima calls to invite friends little Hitty Beth and her Mum to a meeting of Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle with Dundee Cake and Tea. Hitty Beth's Mum and I have been good friends for years.

Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle Emblem!
Tillie Tinkham on her tuffet with her golden metal thimble!

Ima and Hitty have been under the tutelage of Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse. Tillie is peeking out the door as her students arrive.

"The Mary Frances Sewing Book, or Adventures Among the Thimble People" published in 1913, written by Jane Eayre Fryer and illustrated by Jane Allen Boyer.

In the book Sewing Bird tells the little girl Mary Frances about the sewing lessons and all the things that she can make for her doll:

"Why, certainly, dear little Miss,
You can learn to make all this:
A pin-a-fore, some under-clothes,
A little 'kerchief for her nose;
Kimono, bloomers, little cap,
a nightie for her little nap;
A dress for morn, for afternoon,
A dress for parties, not too soon;
A little cape, a little bonnet --
perhaps with roses fastened on it; --
A nice warm coat to keep from chill,
A dainty sack, in case she's ill:
All this and more we'll gladly teach,
If you will do and follow each--
will you?"

The book has patterns for all these things
for a bigger doll than Hitty.

Threading the needle together!

When Hitty Beth arrived the two Hittys hugged and were so delighted to meet each other!

Hitty and Ima outside the apartment dollhouse, 863 Park Avenue, where Tillie gives sewing lessons at her shoppe "Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and Fashions" with Millinery and Tea Room.

Dundee cake and tea, and a special pitcher of Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille's milk for little Hitty Diane.
Ima and the Hittys were made by
talented doll carver Judy Brown.
Their furniture was made by talented Roy Bubbenmoyer.

The beeswax candles of the Advent Wreath over 863 Park Avenue are lit and the pretty music is playing.
The dollhouse, with its two large opening doors, reminds us of Beatrix Potter's doll's house at Hill Top.

Delicious Dundee Cake at Christmas Tea!

The receipt for Dundee Cake is in
"The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".
I never add the citron nor the raisins as called for in the receipt, but add more than the called for amount of currants and in addition to the almonds in the receipt, add walnuts.
This combination makes the most delicious Dundee cake!

Many things were discussed during tea. One of the fun things we share is our interest in genealogy.
Sarah and I were delightfully surprised when Hitty Beth's Mum brought us a photograph of my 5th great grandmother  Hannah (Austin) Rose's gravestone on Block Island, Rhode Island.

We have been researching the possibility that my 4th great grand Aunt Rosanna Rose settled on Islesboro, Maine and we found it so interesting that there had been a schooner named "Rosanna Rose" built at Islesboro. Because the original Hitty in the book "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years" by Rachel Field, was carved in Maine and had an adventure on a ship, the Hittys were excited to hear this! Rachel Field loved the islands off the coast of Maine.

 The Hittys, Ima and Tillie started a frock for Hitty Beth.
More of their sewing will be shown in a future post!

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