December 25, 2014

A Little Tasha Corgi, Oh, What Fun!

A Surprise for The Little Dolls of Pumpkin House!
Tasha Corgi was a lovely Christmas surprise for The Little Dolls of Pumpkin House! How they love her!

A festive Dundee cake with a pink lustre teapot at a Christmas candlelight tea.
Tasha Tudor was so fond of pink lustre.
The receipt for Dundee Cake is in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".
I never add the citron nor the raisins as called for in the receipt, but add more than the called for amount of currants and in addition to the almonds in the receipt, add walnuts.
This combination makes the most delicious Dundee cake!

Tasha Corgi has hopped upon the sled seat!
Tasha Corgi was made by Sylvia Mobley and painted by her to look like our first corgi, Tasha Elizabeth Corgi. Little Tasha Elizabeth Corgi even has a sweet little pink heart on her snout near her nose just like our real Tasha Corgi did!
Roy Bubbenmoyer made the old fashioned sled.
Hitty was made by talented doll carver Judy Brown.

Sarah and Tasha Corgi walking in the snow.

Corgyncombe Cottage

Some of the photographs and some of the writings on this post are from previous Corgyncombe Courant posts that can be found here on the Corgyncombe Courant and from our previous postings elsewhere on the internet.

I made the above photograph of Sarah and Tasha Corgi into a Valentine card that Tasha Tudor was delighted to receive. After Tasha received the card she illustrated the scene. The illustration appears in the book "The Art of Tasha Tudor". Tasha Corgi was named after Tasha Tudor, and Tasha Tudor was very honored and declared herself to be Tasha Corgi's Godmother. We have had six corgyn: Tasha Corgi, Katrina Corgi, Ethlyn Maria Weaver Corgi, Emily Jane Jones Shepard Corgi, Eliakim May Corgi, and Lydia Rebecca Sly Corgi. We are so grateful to Tasha for showing us through her illustrations how delightful corgyn can be!

Tasha Corgi made and painted by Sylvia Mobley.
See the sweet pink heart near her nose and her happy smile just like the real Tasha Corgi!

Pumpkin House
An Old New England House

A Very Merry Christmas
to our Dear Readers!

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