February 2, 2015

Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle at Towpath Cottage!

Little Girl and Dolly Play Time!
 The next meeting of Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle was held at Hitty Beth's dollhouse, "Towpath Cottage". Hitty Beth belongs to our dear friend and we were so happy to visit Hitty Beth and her wonderful dollhouse!

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Tillie Tinkham is measuring Hitty Beth for the new frock that she is helping the girls to make. The girls are learning to sew under the tutelage of Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe. The Hittys were made by talented doll carver Judy Brown.

Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle Emblem!
Tillie Tinkham on her tuffet with her golden metal thimble!

Little Hitty Diane peeks around the dress form, ever so quietly as to not disturb Tillie Tinkham as she is beginning to cut into the fabric.

After Tillie is done measuring, Hitty helps Hitty Beth put back on her lovely frock made by Judy Brown.

"Towpath Cottage"
The roof and front come off and inside are four rooms. The dollhouse is very old and has wooden casters to roll it around the floor. The Little Dolls of Pumpkin House and Tillie Tinkham were delighted to visit Hitty Beth
at Towpath Cottage!

A towpath is a path where boats were pulled along a canal by horses or mules.

My cousins and friends liked to come over to my play house and backyard to play. All three of us girls brought our dollies to play!

The playhouse my Daddy made for me.

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