November 15, 2010

Little Hands Busy at Old Fashioned Tasks

Two little girls, both busy at hand work, one knitting, one spinning...
On a recent Autumnal trip in the mountains The Corgyncombe Courant acquired this lovely old painting of a little girl busy about her knitting. Whilst sitting on a bench amongst some pretty wild flowers she is knitting in the round on several needles. Over her arm is a basket that holds her yarn. The colors in this painting are just beautiful! She reminds The Corgyncombe Courant of Heidi in a meadow of wild flowers.

The painting of the little girl knitting also reminds The Corgyncombe Courant of a photograph taken by Diane Shepard Johnson of Sarah when she was a little girl. At age five Sarah started spinning wool on a drop spindle.
Two little girls, both busy at old fashioned tasks.

In "Mother Goose" illustrated by Tasha Tudor, there is a little girl spinning flax from a distaff on a flax spinning wheel.

In "Corgiville Fair", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, sweet little Katey Brown the Corgi's paws are busy knitting a garment for her "rag puppy", to enter in the fair.


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