November 5, 2010

The Gathering of the Sage

Emily & Ethlyn's Potions & Perfumery
Sage from the Corgyncombe Garden of Herbs, gathered in a Shaker carrier and photographed in "Emily & Ethlyn's Potions & Perfumery". "Emily & Ethlyn's Potions & Perfumery", also known as "E. & E.'s P.& P.", is the corgyn's pretend apothecary in Diane's old kitchen at Corgyncombe Cottage and Corg'ery. Sage is used in poultry dressing throughout the year at Corgyncombe Cottage.

Corgyncombe Cottage & Corg'ery is a little farm in the valley where the corgyn dwell. Corgyn is the word Tasha Tudor used as plural for corgi. A combe is a valley, dale, vale, or hollow. Diane and Sarah made up their own exclusive word: "Corg'ery" ....... a corg'ery being a farm where an abundance of delightful corgyn dwell. Some spelling variations of their own word Corg'ery include: Corgiery, Corgi'ery, Corgery, Corg'ry, Corgi'ry.

According to the "American Dictionary of The English Language" by Noah Webster, 1828, a potion is: a draught; usually, a liquid medicine; a dose.

We named our Corgi Ethlyn Maria (pronounced Mariah) after Diane's great grandmother Ethlyn Maria Weaver who descends from a long line of Welsh Kings. Ethlyn's first Weaver to come to the New World by the 1630's was Clement Weaver and his wife Rebecca (Holbrook) Weaver. Ethlyn's husband descended from the 1st Earl of Pembroke.

Ethlyn Maria Weaver

We named our Corgi Emily after Diane's great great grandmother Emily Jane (Jones) Shepard and Emily (Jones) Shepard's cousin Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, as well as Emily Dickinson's mother Emily (Norcross) Dickinson.


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