November 27, 2010

Breakfast Over the Fire on Thanksgiving Morn!

Up with the Sun Preparing for the Day!
A new day, a new sunrise, a new land...
Many reasons to give Thanks!

Diane and her daughter Sarah have several direct Pilgrim ancestors.

Bread that Diane made using the Tasha Tudor receipt for "White Bread" was toasted in a reproduction toaster. The toaster was made by a blacksmith related to Diane through the Spaulding family line. Diane's 6th great grandmother was Mehitable Spaulding who married David Shepard. Their great grandson Elisha Lyon Shepard and his son Lynus Eliakim Shepard were blacksmiths also. Elisha and Lynus were Diane's great great great grandfather and great great grandfather, respectively.
Some things just seem to run in families!

On Thanksgiving morn Diane was up with the rising of the sun, preparing stuffing for the turkey to roast in her tin kitchen in front of the fire. The stuffing was spooned into the turkey. The turkey was trussed, the spit was put through the turkey, and the skewers were attached and secured. In "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" there are instructions for "Turkey Roasted in the Tin Kitchen". Diane's husband had already started the fire. After chores and milking, Diane made breakfast over the fire. The bacon grease from breakfast was rubbed on the turkey.

Isn't toast pretty done the old fashioned way!

A tin kitchen, which is also called a reflector oven, is so much fun to use! Diane's tin kitchen is a reproduction of Tasha Tudor's antique tin kitchen. A turkey cooked in a tin kitchen is so delicious!!!
As Tasha Tudor herself said "Simply unsurpassed!"

Amy and Natalie at Tasha Tudor and Family were so attentive to see that we received our Tasha Tudor Reproduction Tin Kitchen before Christmas 2009! The packaging was just great and it arrived in perfect condition!

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Diane's Tasha Tudor Tin Kitchen!

Here is the link to Tasha Tudor and Family where you can purchase your own:

Tasha Tudor Reproduction Tin Kitchen.

Click on "Kitchen and Home" and then click on "Tin Kitchen".

Whilst at the Tasha Tudor and Family web site you can purchase "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". It is such a joy to read and use! A few days before Thanksgiving Diane misplaced her Tasha Tudor Cookbook and was frantic until she managed to find it! But find it she did!

There will be more Thanksgiving Posts to come of the turkey roasting on the tin kitchen and other Thanksgiving preparations.


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