February 16, 2010

Thankful Bacon Attends a Valentine Party!

Valentine Calendar Inspired by Tasha Tudor!
After school on Friday a Valentine party was held in Amelia's parlour for the little girls at Corgyncombe.
In the book "Dorcas Porkus" written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Tom and Sylvie Ann's pig Dorcas Porkus escaped from having a bath after muddling in a puddle. When she escaped from the tub, Dorcas Porkus ran into the house and into the parlour, where Mother was having a quilting bee, running under the minister's wife's skirt.

Little Sylvie, who lives at Corgyncombe, has read Tasha Tudor's "Dorcas Porkus" and decided it would be fun to bring her pet pig Thankful Bacon to join the Valentine party.

Corgyncombe's Sylvie named her pet pig Thankful Bacon after a memorable name found in genealogical studies of early New England folk. Thankful Bacon the pig is thankful that she will never become bacon!
Thankful Bacon was so overwhelmed by the gaggles of giggling girls that she didn't want to come out from under the sofa. The girls thought it so much fun to see a piggy in the parlour! (When they are allowed in the parlour, the Corgyn at Corgyncombe Cottage also like to go under the sofa as well as to lounge on top. In "A Time to Keep", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, in the February and December illustrations there are corgyn under the sofa.)

In old houses such as Corgyncombe Cottage the floorplan is such that all of the rooms have doors. In the old days usually all the rooms in the house were separate, with doors to close, as opposed to the more open, modern floorplans of today. Having the doors that closed would keep a heated room warmer. The parlour was usually reserved for special occasions. Usually corgyn and piggies do not have the free run of the Corgyncombe Cottage parlour.

After awhile, Sylvie was able to coax Thankful Bacon out from under the sofa.

Thankful Bacon sat on Sylvie's lap and Sylvie patted her on the back and told her what a nice little piggy she was!

Thankful Bacon is standing next to the book "Dorcas Porkus" written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Sylvie gave Thankful Bacon a plate of heart cookies and a saucer of Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea. Thankful Bacon had a delightful time at the Corgyncombe Valentine party!!!
Tasha Tudor's Valentine Calendars and delightful dolls inspired Diane and Sarah to create their own Valentine Calendar to Count the Days Until Valentines Day.

Diane and Sarah's 4th Annual Doll Valentine Calendar "The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things" can be found by clicking here:
"The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things"
"The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things" Valentine Calendar features the dolls and their animal friends at Corgyncombe as they celebrate the joys and delights of Valentine's Day at this gorgeous wintery time of year!
The link takes you to our web site "Our Favorite Things" where there is a special page with our Calendar with 14 hearts covered with forget-me-nots until the appointed day. Sometime during each day the window should change to the photograph of the day.


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