February 4, 2010

Corgyncombe School Inspired by Tasha Tudor

"The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things"
Auntie Nicey Ethlaurinda is the teacher at Corgyncombe School. On the blackboard she has written some rules that she expects all of her students to follow and she will tolerate nothing less. Auntie Nicey Ethlaurinda loves her students, that is why she expects the best behavior from them. The children love Auntie Nicey, too, as they know that she wants what's best for them!

Auntie Nicey Ethlaurinda was named Nicey due to her close resemblance to Tasha Tudor's doll Nicey Melinda.
Tasha Tudor thought the name Ethlaurinda to be quite imaginative.

Everyone probably remembers the joy of presenting a special Valentine to a most admired teacher!

A sketch from Sarah's sketchbook of a teacher at her desk.

A Sunbonnet Baby at school from "Sunbonnet Babies in Mother Goose Land" written by Eulalie Osgood Grover and illustrated by Bertha Corbett Melcher.

Tasha Tudor's Valentine Calendars and delightful dolls inspired Diane and Sarah to create their own Valentine Calendar to Count the Days Until Valentines Day.

Diane and Sarah's 4th Annual Doll Valentine Calendar "The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things" can be found by clicking here:

"The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things"

The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things" Valentine Calendar features the dolls and their animal friends at Corgyncombe as they celebrate the joys and delights of Valentine's Day at this gorgeous wintery time of year!

The link takes you to our web site "Our Favorite Things" where there is a special page with our Calendar with 14 hearts covered with forget-me-nots until the appointed day. Sometime during each day the window should change to the photograph of the day.


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