April 16, 2009

Planting Peas!

Corgyncombe Garden Notes
The Corgyncombe Courant reports that the peas have been planted!
In the photograph above, taken last year, is the garden basket filled with peas.

Last year's peas.

The soil has finally dried out enough to work, the stones have been picked off, and the other day the peas were planted. Most of the peas are eaten without being cooked. as they are eaten fresh from the pod. Whenever in the garden, those at Corgyncombe fill their pockets and aprons with peas to nibble on throughout the day. Peas are one thing that Diane has not canned because they are always eaten up whilst they are fresh. If a basket is filled with peas everyone grabs handfuls to eat fresh from the pod.

At sunset, snow still lingers near the bottom of the hill, at the base of the snow fence.
During the winter the snow is usually to the top of the fence.


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