April 10, 2009

Darling and Domestic Daisy's Baked Goods Now Delivers!

Here Comes Daisy's Delivery Wagon!
Daisy and Baby Doll pose for The Corgyncombe Courant photographer Diane Shepard Johnson. Daisy's wagon has her name and fancy detail painted on the back.

Darling and Domestic Daisy is very happy to be out and about with her wagon that she now uses for delivering her baked goods. This time of the year hot cross buns are a favorite at Corgyncombe. The receipt for hot cross buns is in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". Daisy is so glad that she can bring Baby Doll with her whilst delivering her baked goods and they enjoy the lovely scenery at Corgyncombe during their ride. They met some Robins along the way. Because of the chilly spring weather Daisy bundles Baby Doll up in a handspun and handknit bonnet and cape. The other day it even snowed. Along Corgi Creek they pause and pick some pussy willows.

Daisy driving her "Daisy" delivery wagon pulled by the Jacob sheep along Corgi Creek. Diane's husband made the thills and harness. Daisy has tucked some pussy willows into the front of the wagon.


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