February 15, 2017

Valentine Woven Hearts!

A Heart Pocket Full of Posies!
Emma weaving a pocket heart.

The Herbary at Corgyncombe.
Clove orange pomanders, a tussie mussie, lavender wands, cochineal, and lavender.

Bleeding heart in the snow.

Herbs are hanging to dry at the Corgyncombe Herbary.

Emma and her little twins are all Izannah Walker inspired dolls.

A heart pocket full of posies!

I have been making cards using my own photographs, watercolours, and calligraphy for years for family and friends. Our dolls at Corgyncombe do the same! The quill pen is one of Phidelia Finch's feathers.

Emma and her "Little Dear One".

Tillie Tinkham and the sewing bird.

Several years ago, Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe, started "Tillie Tinkham's Sewing Circle" to teach the Hitty dolls to sew.
The Sewing Bird holds a tiny woven heart that Sarah made. The little heart can be used as a pocket purse to carry things, perhaps buttons, flowers, or little notes.

At Corgyncombe's Finch Post, Chirpy Cheerful holds one of the official Valentine Dolly Cards.

The robin is flying for Finch Post.
Finch Post serves the dolls at Corgyncombe with superb mail delivery service. My daughter Sarah and I were inspired by Tasha Tudor to have our own doll Post. Tasha Tudor's post was named Sparrow Post, where cards and goodies were delivered to her children. Tasha Tudor featured Sparrow Post in her books "All for Love" and "A Time to Keep".

"The Mary Frances Sewing Book, or Adventures Among the Thimble People" published in 1913, written by Jane Eayre Fryer and illustrated by Jane Allen Boyer.

A Valentine featuring my photograph of my daughter Sarah that we gave to Tasha Tudor.

My daughter Sarah and I sent our own handmade Valentines to Tasha Tudor for Valentine's Day. Here is the end of a letter where Tasha Tudor thanked us for the Valentine package. She wrote: "Thank you endlessly for the best Valentine ever. Gratefully, Tasha". Wow, we considered that quite a compliment from someone who has made so many delightful Valentines!

Violet's mittens keep her hands warm as she goes out and about in the cold and snowy outdoors. Violet's antique mittens have pretty pom-poms attached. Carrying a basket of Finch Post mail, Violet has stopped at the Finch Post box.

Elizabeth holds a woven heart that was featured in our 2008 Valentine Calendar.

Some of the photographs and some of the writings on this post are from previous Corgyncombe Courant posts that can be found here on the Corgyncombe Courant and from our web site and our previous postings elsewhere on the internet.

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