February 22, 2017

"Rural Hours" Along the Lake with Susan Fenimore Cooper!

The Lindenwood Pet Squirrel!
Oft' times in old portraits a pet squirrel can be seen.
Lydia Lindenwood has a treat for her sister Pigeon Lindenwood's pet squirrel.

A squirrel atop the finial of the Turret at Castle Corgyncombe.

"Long walk of several miles on the lake.  We enjoyed the walk very much; it is particularly pleasant to wander about at will over so broad a field, confined to no track, and without an obstacle to arrest one's progress, all which gives a freedom to these walks upon the lake, beyond what we are accustomed to on terra firma, where roads, and fences, and bridges must be consulted at every turn."
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850,
by Susan Fenimore Cooper

During the Revolutionary War my 5th great grandfather William Scott came down the lake.


Lovely Isabelle Lindenwood and her delightful friend similarly frocked.

"Our winters are undoubtedly cold enough, but the weather is far from being always severe. We have many moderate days, and others, even in the heart of winter, which are soft and balmy, a warm wind blowing in your face from the south until you wonder how it could have found its way over the snow without being chilled. People always exclaim that such days are quite extraordinary, but in truth, there never passes a year without much weather that is unseasonably pleasant, if we would but remember it. And if we take the year throughout, this sort of weather, in all its varieties, will probably be found more favorably divided for us than we fancy. "
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850,
by Susan Fenimore Cooper

"It is St. Valentine's day, and valentines by the thousand are passing through the post-offices all over the country. Within the last few years, the number of these letters is said to have become really astonishing; we heard that 20,000 passed through the New York post-office last year, but one cannot vouch for the precise number."
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850,
by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Falling snowflakes.
Lydia Lindenwood with her younger sister Serendipity and their baby sister.

The grand hotel at the edge of the lake where I took dance lessons.

The Queen Anne English wooden dolls were made by talented dollmaker Kathy Patterson.

Lydia Lindenwood's younger sister Pigeon Lindenwood.
She loves animals and birds!
She is awaiting her new frock to be finished.
Pigeon also loves dance lessons!

"Fine day. The good people are beginning to use the lake for sleighs: it is now crossed by several roads, running in different directions."
"The broad, level field of white looks beautifully just now."
"During the last week in February, and in March, the lake is generally more used for sleighing than at any other period; we have seen heavily-loaded sleds, carrying stone and iron, passing over it at such times. The stage-sleighs, with four horses and eight or ten passengers, perhaps, occasionally go and come over the ice at that season. Our people are sometimes very daring in this way; they seldom leave the lake until some horse or sled has been lost; but happily, although there have been narrow escapes of this kind, no lives have yet been lost. "
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850,
by Susan Fenimore Cooper

How unfortunate and sad that some horses were lost to the weakened ice.

When the roads became muddy during thaws the lake was preferred to sleigh on.

"Pleasant morning in the woods. Much amused by squirrels...
Presently a beautiful red squirrel made his appearance, in the notch of a tall old pine, perhaps fifty feet from the ground. He paused every few steps to utter the peculiar cry which has given them the name of chickaree, for they often repeat it, and are noisy little creatures.  He came deliberately down the whole length of the trunk, chatting and waving his beautiful tail as he moved along. After leaving the tree he played about,  here and there, apparently in quest of nuts, and he frequently came very near us of his own accord."
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850,
by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Pigeon Lindenwood loves her pet squirrel!

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