August 2, 2015

Sweet Carolina!

Tea in the Garden Amongst the Roses!
Lovely Carolina is a cloth doll with a fantastic wardrobe made by talented dollmaker Margaret Flavin. She also came with a work bag with a pincushion and scissors in a case, and she loves to sew!

As she sits in the garden having her tea, she sees and hears the little wren who lives in the birdhouse in the apple tree.

The little wren sits on the limb above the birdhouse.

Upon exploring she finds an early apple that has fallen from the Astrachan apple tree. She contemplates making apple sauce or apple cake.

All the dolls at Corgyncombe love Carolina and Carolina loves them, too!

Carolina's friend, Charlotte, also made by Margaret Flavin.
In the photograph above Charlotte was celebrating Tasha Tudor's birthday several years ago. Charlotte found a nice place in the shade to enjoy her tea, cake, and goat's milk ice cream. Her cake, decorated with forget-me-nots, is from The Corgyncombe Bakery and her goat ice cream is from The Corgyncombe Dairy.

A Preview of the up and coming 2015
Annual Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair!

You will see more of the 2015 Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair as a Special Surprise as we get closer to Tasha Tudor's 100th Birthday Celebration!!!

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