August 26, 2015

Cakes and Doughnuts for Tasha Tudor Inspired Forget-Me-Not Dolls' Fair!

Celebrating Tasha Tudor's 100th Birthday Year!
Nanny Nettie-Kin has just finished hanging up some of the old fashioned doughnuts as they ready for the 2015 Forget-Me-Not Fair at Corgyncombe.

Ima has brought Nanny a trug of forget-me-nots that she has gathered to fashion into bouquets for the booths at the Doll Fair.

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Tasha Tudor's birth in 1915!

Nanny Nettie-Kin reminds us of Tasha Tudor and we and the dolls and critters of Corgyncombe will be celebrating this, the 100th year since Tasha Tudor's birth!

As Ima hands Nanny Nettie-Kin the forget-me-nots, Nanny says "Ooooh my favourite flower!"

"They are so beautiful! The world cannot have enough forget-me-nots!"

The cakes baked for the Forget-Me-Not Fair were made using the receipt "Becky's Birthday Cake" from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".

 Nanny Nettie-Kin made several bouquets to decorate the booths at the 2015 Annual Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair!

The above photograph was taken in May 2014.
Nanny Nettie-Kin's most favourite flower is the forget-me-not!
What a joy it is for her to take a walk amongst a sea of dainty blue, fragrant forget-me-nots with Ethlyn, her Corgi companion at her side!
Nanny Nettie-Kin reminisces about walking amongst her forget-me-nots with her corgi. She also thinks about Tasha Tudor walking through her forget-me-nots with her corgi.

Nanny Nettie Kin's Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not seeds sold at a booth at the Annual Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair.  Seeds to sow for a beauteous, bountiful sea of dainty forget-me-nots!

Nanny Nettie-Kin takes care of Hitty and her friends at the old New England house, "Pumpkin House", the large golden dollhouse at Corgyncombe.

Last year, 2014, Nanny Nettie-Kin held the Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair to promote the delight and appreciation of her favorite flower, forget-me-nots! Tasha Tudor also loved forget-me-nots!

Tasha Tudor illustrated delightfully festive fairs in her books "Corgiville Fair", "A Time to Keep", and "All for Love". "A Time to Keep" in September features the dolls' fair with booths for selling.

 You will see more of this year's 2015 Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair as a Special Surprise as we get closer to Tasha Tudor's 100th Birthday Celebration!!!

Some of the photographs and some of the writings on this post are from previous Corgyncombe Courant posts that can be found here on the Corgyncombe Courant and from our previous postings elsewhere on the internet.

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