April 3, 2015

Nanny Nettie-Kin Makes Tasha Tudor Hot Cross Buns!

A Tasha Tudor Easter Time Tradition!
Traditionally for years at Easter time I have made the Hot Cross Buns using the receipt in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". Receipt is an old fashioned term for recipe. Nanny Nettie-Kin also uses the same receipt to make Hot Cross Buns for the Hittys at Pumpkin House.

Tasha Tudor's Scottish Nanny used to make these hot cross buns, as well. Nanny Nettie-Kin thinks they are delicious!

These photographs of Nanny Nettie-Kin were taken last year (2014) but we have not posted them here at the Corgyncombe Courant until now.

Nanny Nettie-Kin uses real goat's milk and butter from Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille. As you can see on the little plate the goat's butter is white. Nanny heats the goat's milk to just the right temperature for dissolving the yeast.

A photograph of Carmella Lucille taken in the pretty, rosy copper light before sunset. She was watching us run and play with her goat kiddles in the Corgyn yard that we call the "Corg'ery".

 After rising, Nanny Nettie-Kin adds the warm melted butter and kneads the dough to make Tasha Tudor Hot Cross Buns. She sets the dough aside to rise again.

After the dough has risen again, she shapes the dough into buns and sets them to rise again.

Nanny Nettie-Kin opens the oven door to her stove the "Ark" and checks to see if her hot cross buns are finished baking. Nanny says they are done just right and asks me to photograph them before she takes them out of the oven.

At the Corgyncombe Bakery, I make Hot Cross Buns, too. After the first rising, warm melted butter is added and the dough is kneaded a bit more.

The dough has risen again.

After rising, the dough is shaped into buns and set aside to rise again.

Above is little Bobby at the Forget-Me-Not Fair.

As we mentioned back in our "Forget-Me-Not Fair" post, little Bobby was a problem for Nanny at Hot Cross Bun baking time. Soon we will have Part Two of Nanny Nettie-Kin Makes Tasha Tudor Hot Cross Buns... including little Bobby.

The carved wooden dolls were made by talented doll carver Judy Brown.
Their furniture was made by talented Roy Bubbenmoyer.

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