March 30, 2015

A Red Squirrel in the Cottage!

The Red-Wings Have Returned!
One morn, in the wee hours, the dogs were alarmed by the presence of a little red squirrel in the cottage. We secured the canines and, using boards, created a safe path to direct the squirrel out of doors. Before the little squirrel went out the door he paused and looked up at me, we had a moment of silent communication, and then he calmly went out the door.
The photograph above is of the little red squirrel or one of his relatives.

It has been a bitterly cold, blustery winter at Corgyncombe.
Above, is a photograph of our smokehouse covered with snow that I took several weeks ago. Now, the snow level is down a bit, a few inches below the latch of the smokehouse door. There is still quite a cover of snow about the landscape and it is snowing this afternoon! We could still have snowbanks in May at Corgyncombe.

The Red-Winged Blackbirds have been late in returning to Corgyncombe. Finally, on March 24th, the o-ka-lee of the Red-Wing was heard and what a welcome sound it was, indeed!

I took our Christmas tree down around St. Patrick's Day. We cut it in December and it was still holding its needles in March. It was just so pretty I hated to take it down. Whilst removing the ornaments, I recognized the white ball with pink roses as similar to the one shown on the dolls' Christmas tree in the Tasha Tudor Christmas video.

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