July 1, 2013

Blog Thieving...

"The Three Billy Goats Gruff"

Corgyncombe's Darling Little Clementine
Our Sweet Goat Kiddle
Amongst the apple petals

Oft' times when we have fed the goat kiddles their bottles, especially during a before bedtime bottle feeding, we tell them their favorite story. This is how our bottle feeding times would go:

We each settle a kid on our lap and as they delight in Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille's good and delicious milk, everyone thoroughly enjoys our version of the classic tale of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff"! We always use the different personalities of each of our goats in the story as each goat encounters the troll. Through the years it's always been the kiddles' favorite!

Diane's Uncle's old school book with the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" story.
Alongside is a bottle of Carmella Lucille's warm milk for her goat kiddles.

Unfortunately, such difficulties as are in the story the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" are not only in fairy tales and stories, but, alas, sometimes are found in the blogging world, as well. More about that further down in this post.

We have been telling the kiddles the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" story for years. Every year when we have new kiddles, we add to the story to include them, the smallest and youngest are always the first to go over the bridge.

The story starts out with the littlest goat crossing the bridge, clompen, clompen, clompen go their little hooves on the wooden bridge.

The nasty troll pops out from underneath the bridge and says "Hark, Who goes there, over my bridge? Grin!"

"MmmHmmmmmm, it's only me, Clementine, hmmmmmmm" bleats little Clementine in a sweet little high pitched voice.

"I am going to eat you Goat!" exclaims the troll.

"Hmmmmm, Don't eat meee! I'm so liiittle. Eat my big brother Velvet, instead. He's always been bigger than I am!"  (Clementine and Velvet were born at the same time and Clementine has always been the smaller of the two!)

The troll says "Perhaps you are correct, Goat. You do look awful puny to make a meal sufficient to satisfy my large appetite, Grin!"
"All right, pass!" says the troll.

"Clompen, clompen" go Clementine's hooves as she goes over the rest of the bridge to the other side.

And on the story goes as each goat takes its turn going over the bridge: Velvet, Louisa May, Lucy, Daisy, Sweet Pea, Brownie, and finally the last goat Carmella Lucille Queen of the Herd.

"Clompen, Clompen, Clompen" go Carmella Lucille's feminine and Queenly hooves on the bridge.
Carmella Lucille

"Hark, Who goes there, over my bridge? Grin!" roars the troll.

"It is meee, Carmella Lucille Queen of the Herd, and I am crossing this bridge to go and eat the green grass to make fine milk for my Milkmaid."

"I am going to eat you Goat!" exclaims the troll. "And I am going to drink your fine milk! Grin!"

Carmella replies: "No one can drink my fine milk without my Milkmaid's permission and you do not have her permission nor mine! You will not eat me and you will not drink my fine milk!"
You know, Dear Readers, what happens in the story the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" at this point, when the last goat goes over the bridge...

The story finally ends with Carmella Lucille peacefully and contentedly eating her green grass on the other side of the bridge.

 Carmella Lucille before delivering triplets.

I took a cardboard cereal box to the barn and sketched Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille.
Tasha Tudor made gingerbread cookies of animals and hung them on her Christmas tree.
Baking gingerbread makes the cottage smell so good!

Antique rolling pin on the upper right and wooden Springerle mold in the center.

Gingerbread cookies before they were baked, the Grinning Troll and Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille.
The grinning face mold we got years ago with many other round molds of acorns, thistles, snowflakes, and other designs.

An antique goat cup to put your warm goat's milk in.

Yes, unfortunately, such difficulties as are in the story the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" are not only in fairy tales and stories, but sometimes are found in the blogging world, as well.

Someone has been lying about me.
Someone has left obnoxious, nasty, untrue comments that are lies about me on other peoples blogs and on our blog.
We moderate comments to our blog, so we did not allow these obnoxious comments to be posted.

We at the Corgyncombe Courant have also had problems with a person copying my "St. Distaff's Day" post (that I posted on a group) almost word for word, putting it on her blog, and claiming it as her own. It was like she was making believe she was me, in a strange and creepy way. She was nasty when we asked her to remove it.

She has never apologized or asked forgiveness.

At a time previous to that, she had demanded to know, just before a public memorial service, whether I was going to attend the service, because she said she wanted to meet up. When I failed to answer her demands, she got angry. I was busy with work around the cottage but then again I wasn't about to tell her and I did not feel obligated to tell her where I was going or any of my plans.

In my opinion, I think that she got angry because she thought I knew she was copying another blogger. I did not tell her that I knew that she had copied the other blogger but I suspect that she knew that I knew, thus her anger at me. I knew that she had copied this other blogger nearly word for word, put it on her blog, and claimed it as her own, it seemed like she was taking on this person's life, changing the other woman's children to her children in the copied post. In the oddest twist, she had even went as far as to show up, in person, to see the blogger who she had copied right after posting the copied post. It seemed strange and creepy to me. I was disgusted by her copying and creeped out because then she wanted to meet up with me.

I have never been removed from a group for bad behaviour. I have been, ahem, eliminated, from a group, not because of bad behaviour on my part, but I think because the group leader got angry because she thought I knew she was copying the other blogger nearly word for word, it seemed like she was taking on the other blogger's life.

(By the way, a few years before that, someone in the group leader's inner circle said to me that some members of the group were baiting me and she complimented me on trying to avoid the nasty baiting and complimented me on the way I tried to handle their nastiness by being positive. I do feel that the group leader and some of her group members were baiting me.)

My last posts to group before I was eliminated from group were nothing but cheerful and nice. This was all near the public memorial service time in 2008, when the group leader contacted me off group, wanting to know if I was going to attend.  When I failed to answer her demands, she got angry.

At this time I had a huge web site with many of my own personal photographs on along with my writings. I decided to make my copyright more visible on my photographs. I took all my photographs (over 2,000) off from public view on my web site, and was in the process of putting them back on my web site with the copyright, eventually deciding the best place to put the copyright was near the middle of the subject right on the photographs.

There may be some who are bothered when I put my copyright near the middle of my photographs. One thing the copyright is intended to do is make my photographs harder to steal.

We have also had trouble with people stealing our photographs and selling products with our photographs, online. We contacted the online marketplace and the online marketplace removed the items from sale.
Some people who have posted our work on their blog, when we have asked them to remove it from their blog or site, have been very cooperative and polite and we have thanked these people for their cooperation.

But, obviously, there are some people who have taken my work who don't like the fact that I object to them taking my work.

Some people apparently don't like it when we publish posts, that we put a lot of effort in, so that we may share some of our favorite things with our dear readers that they might enjoy looking at and we know that many do enjoy. Some people apparently don't like this. But let us assure our readers that despite this, we have been blessed by our dear readers, and it is our hope that our readers have been blessed and inspired by the Corgyncombe Courant.

If you receive or hear of any obnoxious, nasty, comments about me, we would appreciate it if you would please send us an email at:

If you see anyone using or selling our work please let us know by sending us an email at:

A Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille cookie!

Carmella Lucille the goat looks so cute! She likes to have behind her ears scratched and under her collar and I always give her a good back scratch after milking. Sometimes if I stop scratching she nuzzles my hand to say she wants me to continue. So very sweet!

We have written before on the Corgyncombe Courant about telling our version of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" story to the goat kiddles during bottle time.

Added July 21st: Thank you dear readers for all the kind comments. We also appreciate your keeping an eye out for my work that has been stolen.
Diane and daughter Sarah

copyright © 2013 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson


Mrs. V. said...

I'm so sorry you've had to deal with this. I too, have had horrible and mean comments left on my blog...I just don't allow them through. I've not, at least to my knowledge, had anyone copy my blog though. You are right, that is very creepy and strange. I'm a long time fan of your blog and I like to come here when I just need to relax and calm my mind. It is always such a lovely place.

Peggy said...

Oh Diane, how annoying and yes, creepy!! Your Carmella Lucille cookie is lovely. Looks as if she took care of that troll. I so enjoy your blog and your wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing, I can't imagine how much work you and Sarah do to bring such beauty to us. So sad that such loveliness can also bring out the worst in people. Jealousy can be an evil master and unfortunately it seems we will always cross paths with a few trolls in our lives!!

mcduque said...

Dear Diana and Sarah, I want to show you all my support and tell you that those who are truly blessed are all the readers that we went through this window that is internet to your blog, I feel completely lucky to have you known, I inspiráis something more than good feelings because that is what traladais through your phrases, photos, etc.Follow along please, that this ugly incident don't you stop, all that you are also you need.By the way the cookies must be very rich, and are so beautiful that I do not know if I dare eat them.
A very strong hug.
Mª Carmen Duque

Whiffletree Farm said...

I find it puzzling why people would want to respond to blogs such as yours in coarse and rude ways. Really, I'm flabbergasted. I love your blogs. You are, however, a fantastic photographer so I understand the motive to steal the photos but I don't understand the actual act. I'll keep my eye out for you!

peggy flavin said...

Dear Diane, Wow , so sorry to read about these crazy people stealing and commenting on your Blog. The world is full of people that nothing better to do then ruin someones work. I love your blog and beautiful pictures and also the way you write . So beautiful and creative. Never let a few spoilers ruin it for you. I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I see something.

Peggy F

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Thank you dear readers for all the kind comments. We also appreciate your keeping an eye out for my work that has been stolen.

Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

Jeri Landers said...

I think this comes down to jealousy, pure and simple. The culprit who is stalking, copying, and being hateful is obviously inadequate . Blogs are meant to be a form of self expression, and you put a huge amount of yourself into each post. Each one is a treasure. Unfortunately, many don't possess the imagination,creativity or knowledge to put up their own interesting posts, and must copy the efforts of those who do, and then, when caught in the act, just like a criminal would react, they become abusive. As for the victim, it feels like a robbery and a violation.I recently had some ugliness on my youtube channel with a weirdo. Those of us that love your blog will be on the lookout for this "person of ill repute". Cousin Jeri

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