July 21, 2013

Independence Day!

The Howe Tavern, also known as The Wayside Inn
Lucy with a flag celebrating Independence Day!
She is carrying the Grand Union flag, an early American flag.

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The Grand Union flag flying o'er my 7th great grandparents' (David and Hepzibah Howe) house, the Howe Tavern in Massachusetts.
The Howe Tavern is also known as the Wayside Inn, made famous in Longfellow's poem.

David and Hepzibah Howe's daughter Hepzibah was my 6th great grandmother.
In "Tales of a Wayside Inn" by Longfellow, he speaks of Hepzibah's brother Lieut. Col. Ezekiel Howe and the sword he used "In the rebellious days of yore, Down there at Concord in the fight."

Lucy, an Izannah Walker inspired doll, and her wonderful clothing were made by Margaret Flavin.
She is just beautiful!

Walking about the gardens at Corgyncombe.
A progression of self sown flowers blooms here under the little old apple tree from spring until autumn.

We at the Corgyncombe Courant love how Tasha Tudor illustrates Independence Day in "Around The Year" and "A Time to Keep". Tasha shows picnics, flying and displaying the American flag, firecrackers, and fireworks. In "Around the Year" the page with the eagle, stars, and flags catches the eye of the Corgyncombe Courant.

The parlour at the Wayside Inn.
The lady winding the clock in the parlour said that my 8th great grandfather Samuel Howe made the glass for the windows for his son David Howe, my 7th great grandfather's tavern. I have always loved old paned windows!

As we looked into the room our eyes were drawn to a child's toy, the cloth doll on the small table. Our thoughts were then drawn to one of the little girls who had lived in the house, my 6th great grandmother Hepzibah Howe who was just a baby when the first two rooms of the house were built and who was around 9 years old when they built two more rooms on to the original house. Later this room, photographed above, was used as a parlour.
A doll, a little girl's delight in any era!

copyright © 2013 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson

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