May 14, 2013

Best Not Put Away Shawls and Mitts Yet!

Keep the Cosies at the Ready!
Hung up behind the plants is a flannel bonnet and a plaid wool shawl. On the shelf are handspun, handknit wool mitts.

"Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out" is an old saying that I found on
"Hill Top, the Beatrix Potter Gallery & Wray Castle National Trust Team" blog.

The old saying means don't cast off your winter cosies, (at Corgyncombe that means your shawls, mitts, and flannel bonnet) until the end of May or until the May flowers (Hawthorn) are in bloom.

Last week was warm and nice, plants have flourished outside. Alas, yesterday there were snow showers and this morning a heavy frost. Plants had to be brought in and set all about the house. Outside, the bleeding heart in the garden wears a shawl of its own 'til the chill is past.

The old adjustable shelves are just the thing to hold some of the plants. The shelves can be tilted and even be made into a table!

Unfortunately, at Corgyncombe one dares not put their cosies too far away as I have even seen it snow in July!

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mcduque said...

I like how the Geraniums! The climate is very scrambled eggs in general, here in Spain other years at this time already had high temperatures but this year fails to make good time, and that plants they noticed it, you have done well to protect them from the cold. All our pampering deserve.
A hug.
MÂȘ Carmen Duque.

Jeri Landers said...

You are having such a long winter! Here, it is in the 80's and the gardens are absolutely lush. I hope you can leave the plants out permanently, very soon! Cousin jeri

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