December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Tea Inspired by Tasha Tudor!

A Wreath of Candles to Light December Teas!
Today, December 6th, is St. Nicholas Day.
When lit, the Advent wreath creates such lovely shadows and light on the ceiling.

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 The Dundee cake is brought out to be served with tea.
With the coming of Christmas, Dundee cakes are delicious at teas throughout December!

The photographs and some of the writings on this post are from previous Corgyncombe Courant posts that can be found here on the Corgyncombe Courant.
I took the photograph of the chickadee several years ago, as St. Nicholas Day morn dawned snowy, sparkly white!

 Mixing the Dundee cake. Corgyncombe uses the receipt for Dundee Cake in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". Dundee cakes are made a month ahead of time and put in cold storage until time for St. Nicholas Tea.

The Corgyncombe Bakery makes many Dundee cakes in all different shapes and sizes.
The receipt for Dundee Cake is in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".
I never add the citron nor the raisins as called for in the receipt, but add more than the called for amount of currants and in addition to the almonds in the receipt, add walnuts.
This combination makes the most delicious Dundee cake!

Dundee cakes are festive at St. Nicholas Tea on December 6th!
The design on the cup has St. Nicholas pulling a gift laden sled, with a tree over his shoulder, and a doll in a sack at his waist, whilst adoring children look on.
Inside the cup is fresh milk from Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille!

copyright © 2012 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson


Becca said...

Absolutely delightful as always!

Anonymous said...

So much loveliness!
Be well,

Jeri Landers said...

Carmella Lucille's fresh milk and a slice of Dundee sounds simply Dandy to me. You are an artistic baker, if ever I saw one!
Fondly from the Hollow, Cousin Jeri

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for sometime now and I love it, makes me feel all warm inside. Happy Holidays and keep up the good work...
Singing Wind Rose

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