December 22, 2012

Shooting Stars in the December Sky!

Still with the Wonder of a Child!
A basket of old ornaments for the Corgyncombe table top Christmas tree.

The chosen music to accompany this post is "We Three Kings":
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On December 13th there was a spectacular show of shooting stars! My daughter Sarah says that I act like a little child as I had such excitement over each one that fell from the sky! I'd jump up and down and loudly exclaim as I followed them with my finger "Look at that one!" and "Did you see that one go by?!" and "Ooooh, that one was sure a beauty!" All this exclaiming and jumping, my family thought was reminiscent of what is called around here "the reindeer kid", the little girl in the movie "Prancer". I couldn't help myself, each one was totally wonderful! I was the last one to leave the stars and go inside that night.

Some of the photographs and some of the writings on this post are from previous Corgyncombe Courant posts that can be found here on the Corgyncombe Courant.

Silent Night at Corgyncombe.

The Advent Calendar, "O Holy Night", illustrated by Tasha Tudor. On the 24th the stable doors open to reveal the Baby Jesus sleeping under starlight with mice and birds gathered round. We love the shadows and light and glow from the shining star and the colour in this Advent Calendar! It truly looks like "O Holy Night".

Sarah whilst gathering greens found a bird's nest and showed it to Tasha Corgi.

Me in my little black Christmas party shoes that give an old fashioned look. The Christmas party dress was red with a white collar.

In the photograph above I am at my Grandparents house for Christmas. They always had an old fashioned looking table top tree. My Uncles on both my Father's and Mother's sides always bought me little frocks and then they would take photographs of me in the frocks. On my Father's side the frocks had a more old fashioned look. They were probably bought at charming old country stores that carried older stock. On my Mum's side I received frocks from New York City and all over the world. But then, my Father's side has always been more old fashioned! Grandmum on Father's side has always reminded me of Tasha Tudor!

Dirndls that my Uncle on my Mum's side brought from Switzerland for us girls for Christmas.
I am on the left.

copyright © 2012 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson

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Jeri Landers said...

I just finished watching Tasha Tudor's "Take Peace" DVD and thought of you. "I wonder if Diane has put up a Christmas post?" I say to myself, and sure enough, here it is. You were lucky to wear a Dirndl, it looks darling, I never had one! Weren't little black patent leathers just the thing in those days?! I did have quite a few throughout the years. Happy Christmas to you and yours! Cousin Jeri

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