June 25, 2012

Miss Elsie Pricklish the Hedgehog!

Miss Elsie Pricklish Seen with Dandelion Clock!
Miss Elsie Pricklish the Hedgehog
seen with a dandelion clock on a mossy log
at Corgyncombe Cottage!

Miss Elsie Pricklish preshrinks the fabric used by Tillie Tinkham the Seamstress Mouse at Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and Fashions at Corgyncombe.
Miss Elsie Pricklish enjoys taking tea at Tillie's Tea Room at Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and Fashions.
Miss Elsie Pricklish with her cap and apron looks like a Lady of Cranford!

Here is a link to Lucy and Mrs. Tiggywinkle the Hedgehog hanging the wash and having tea on the
Corgyncombe Courant July 2011 post:
Beatrix Potter's 145th Birthday! - Drying the Wash on a Rainy Day!

Tillie Tinkham and friends in front of her Shoppe
Tillie Tinkham's Frocks & Fashions.


copyright © 2012 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson


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