July 29, 2011

Beatrix Potter's 145th Birthday!

Drying the Wash on a Rainy Day!
Yesterday was the 145th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birthday! In honor of Beatrix Potter's birthday the Corgyncombe Courant has decided to post some photographs from our 2008 Calendar to Count "The Days Until Christmas: Amelia's Favorite Things".

Our readers may remember that whilst collecting fly away laundry in the hedgerow, Amelia's niece Lucy found the little hedgehog and decided to name her after the prickly laun
dress in Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Mrs. Tiggywinkle". Mrs. Tiggywinkle insists that the children's stockings be kept clean. Lucy used her Corgyncombe Wash Board and soap to wash the stockings. She consulted with Mrs. Tiggywinkle who told her if they were clean enough yet or if they still needed a bit more scrubbing.

After washing the stockings to both her own and Mrs. Tiggywinkle's satisfaction, Lucy runs a line from chair to chair and hangs the stockings to dry with clothespins in the cozy kitchen, since it's raining outside. She and Mrs. Tiggywinkle decide it is time to take tea with bickies. Lucy pours a cup of Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea for herself and some in a saucer for her hedgehog. Lucy's cup and saucer, as well as the buttons on her pink pinny display delightful Beatrix Potter illustrations of Peter Rabbit. Lucy borrowed the pinny that was made several years ago, from a rabbit named Hoppy VanderHare. The buttons were chosen especially for Hoppy.

Mrs. Tiggywinkle suggests that Lucy check on the progress of the drying stockings.

"The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle" by Beatrix Potter

Here is a link to:
Photographs of Beatrix Potter
with Old Fashioned Frocks and Fashions



Jeri Landers said...

Dear Cousins, Dear Mrs, Tiggywinkle is such a fastidious laundress, as is little Lucy. I adore striped stockings!
I think Hoppy Vanderhare sounds like a marvelous Dutch chap, I would very like to introduce him to Hopalong Jack.
A wonderful anniversary salute to the most marvelous Beatrix Potter! Cousin Jeri

Christie said...

Dear Dianne and Sarah,
Oh, how we love mrs. Tiggy winkle!!! And sweet Lucy is absolutely precious in her pink pinny!
What a sweet remembrance in honor of miss Potter's birthday.
Hoping all are well...and give our best regards to Tillie and her mousie friends;)
your dear friends,
Christie, Eliza, and Daphne

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