July 14, 2011

Corgyncombe's Independence Day Roses!

Lovely Scents Permeated Corgyncombe's Old Kitchen!
After the Independence Ball, the Rose Corsage was put in a vase to keep it fresh.
As the lavender was just beginning to bloom, a few sprigs of lavender were added.

The Independence Day Rose Corsage in full bloom.
Ahhh, the fragrance was lovely!

In the photograph above, Timmy Tinkham, brother to Tillie, has paused to give the roses a lingering sniff and inhales the beauteous scent!

~~~ In Doll, Mouse, and Good Birdie News ~~~

All the little mice at Corgyncombe were all a squeak because they heard the dolls discussing a letter that had arrived from their dear Melissa who is touring Europe! They all look forward to her arrival at Corgyncombe! The lovely old fashioned pink roses remind all at Corgyncombe of Melissa!

Dear Christie's kindred Eliza Dormouse has also found some fragrant roses to sniff at her lovely Rose Water Cottage and has also been busy doing out the wash!

Our friends the Mousekins are to be moving in to the most fabulous old brick Greek Revival! Tillie and her friends at Corgyncombe were delighted to see photographs of the Mousekins readying to move and thrilled to see even more photographs of Linnie's beautiful new old home!

All at Corgyncombe are sad to see Esther the Starling take flight from Cousin Jeri's cottage at Hopalong Hollow, but how exhilarating it would be to see her flying free in the sky!
What tender loving care Jeri has given Dear Esther!

In the photograph above, a card announcing the
"Grand Independence Ball".
The card states "Yourself with Ladies are Cordially Invited".
The roses Diane gathered from her old rose bush this past Independence Day, as well as the forget-me-nots that grow down by Corgi Creek.
Their fragrance was absolutely wonderful!

The above photograph was taken two years ago and features the roses from the same rose that blooms around Independence Day.

A special treat for Independence Tea, Carmella Lucille's Vanilla Ice Cream, made using the receipt for "Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream" in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". It was made in Diane's old White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer. The receipt for "Washington Pie" is also in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". The design on the "Washington Pie", made by dusting confectioner's sugar over a doily and then taking the doily off, reminds one of spectacular fireworks. The "Washington Pie", made at the Corgyncombe Bakery, has raspberry jam filling and is delicious with Carmella Lucille's Vanilla Ice Cream! The old fashioned roses on the table are from Diane's garden. A scene showing George Washington gathered with his family is on the teapot.

'Tis time to make more delicious
Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille's Vanilla Ice Cream!!!



Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,

My, things are abuzz in MouseLand! It seems everyone is having as busy a summer as we humans. :)

I love your pink roses; we are missing our pink rose bush back in Idaho, which my mother tells me is full of blooms!

Love and blessings,

Marqueta and Children

Jeri Landers said...

Dear Diane and Sarah, You have inspired me to go into my garden and pick a few pink roses. I am usually reluctant to pick my flowers, silly me, as if the garden would miss them. But how nice to have a little vase of sweet-scented blooms within sniffing distance.
Yes, our dear little Esther has flown up up and away! I am very happy for her, she is FREE!
Have a joyful week! Cousin Jeri

Christie said...

Dearest Girls,
Such a beautiful post...I am now anxious to make that lovely cake, as I just received my order of Royal Lace paper doilies:))
Eliza is so tickled you remembered her in your post...and sniffing fresh roses is like no other joy!
How EXCITED we are for Linnie and her Mousekin family and the upcoming move to their new home!
Blessings to you and all the ducklings and mousie friends and the goat kiddles at Corgyncombe Cottage,
Christie, Eliza, and Daphne Delphinium Duckling

Christie said...

Oh my dear girls,
I had to tell you I made the Washington pie ...my goodness, it is delicious, and husband says we must add that to his list of favorites;)
I have returned from our sweet antique shoppe down the street, with a wonderful, small cake pan to make becky's birthday cake with rosewater icing drizzles overtop;)
You are such inspiration, as always!
Your dear friends at Rose Water Cottage,
Christie, Eliza and Daphne

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,
The Mousiekins and I were so happy to see the
New house news along with all the news from all the many favorite friends! :-D
We are also so happy to have figured out the blogger comment problem!! We missed visiting to chat!!

Oh how I LOVE the George Washington Teapot!!
(for he is one of the most favorite historical heros)!
Blessings and Hugs to you all at the Corgyncombe Cottage
Linnie and the Mousiekins

Christie said...

Dearest friends,
How excited I was to see you had visited the cottage:)
I love my hutch where I can display my lustreware as Tasha Tudor might have...I love the scene on the cover of her cookbook and the many illustrations of her lovely dishes throughout the book...so this was my effort to combine those images.
I think of my little cottage as one that might have been in one of her sweet storybooks. She is such an inspiration! Always!!
And you, my dear friends, have no idea how your posts give me so much to look forward to...they are the most enjoyable reads, along with the most beautiful engaging photos. Your displays are exquisite...such care to detail! My goodness I admire you, dear Dianne!
I am knitting away on a rosy pink Shetland isle wool cottage shawl. It's a 2 ply so it will be a lighter weight for early fall or early spring. And miss Eliza is sporting her new pink summer weight shawl;)
Blessings my dear girls, and hoping all is well with you,
Christie and friends

P.s. Your dear little cake was my inspiration to search for a sweet bundt pan ...and how excited I was to finally find one!!

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