April 3, 2012

Izannah Walker Sisters Discover Creature in Corgi Creek!

A Rare Sighting of An Unusual Phenomenon!
Sisters Bridget and Eliza had been inside the cottage, looking out the window enjoying the birds and squirrels coming and going. Watching the little red squirrel scurry about outside the window, Eliza wanted to go out and about Corgyncombe for a closer look at the little red squirrel!

Whilst out, they hope to find some pussy willows down by the creek.

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Izannah Walker inspired dolls Bridget and Eliza and their clothing and bonnets were made by Margaret Flavin. Charlotte's clothing and bonnet were also made by Margaret Flavin.

Bridget asked her Cousin Charlotte if she could wear her bonnet and cap. Bridget has a superb hood to go with her coat but this time, because Eliza was wearing her bonnet, Bridget wanted to wear a bonnet also. Of course, Eliza wants a coat and hood like Bridget's, only in another colour. Little girl sisters seem to be that way, wanting what the other has. Charlotte allowed Eliza to borrow her brown wool cape for her ride in the sleigh.
As they glide along the ribbons on their bonnets flutter in the wind.
Ah, yes, there he is, the little red squirrel!

See how he blends in with the bark of the old maple tree!
What a red streak he has down his back and tail!
How amusing the squirrel is to watch as he hops from tree to tree and scampers here and there!

How swift and smooth their sleigh glides over the snow!
They love watching the squirrel and think he is so cute even though the proprietress at the old book shoppe calls them rats with tails! Bridget and Eliza think that the proprietress actually is quite fond of squirrels, despite her remark.

'Twas a chilly day and the little ladies had their warm woolen blanket tucked round.
Eliza is so cold that she had to tuck her hands under the blanket.
They will have to knit some warm mittens of wool.

Creekcicles along Corgi Creek
The banks of Corgi Creek beckon them as they think that is where they might find some pussy willows to gather.

In "First Poems of Childhood" illustrated by Tasha Tudor, there is a poem by Kate L. Brown called "Pussy Willow". Tasha has illustrated a girl and a boy with school books and lunch bucket, on a stone wall collecting pussy willows.

The last stanza of the poem "Pussy Willow":

Happy little children
Cried with laugh and shout,
"Spring is coming, coming,
Pussy Willow's out."
by Kate L. Brown

Oh, the little squirrel has popped out of the door of his little house!

He is looking left and right in rather a nervous manner!

"How curious, I wonder why?" they both think.

The creek is a beautiful sight with all the rocks covered with snow!

They find some pussy willows and gather them.
They will make a fine display inside the cottage!

Across the bridge, the water glistens and looks as smooth as glass before it shoots and rushes down the falls!
Bridget and Eliza
were startled by something going UP the falls!

(The music at 2 minutes, 20 seconds with the trombone is perfect for viewing this creature!)

Eliza says "Look, there is some sort of creature coming UP the falls! Do you see it, Bridget?"

There is a lot for imaginative little girls to ponder!

"Yes, I do!", replied Bridget,
"It looks to have a broad duck bill with nostrils,
large round eyes on either side of its head, and flippers!"

Eliza disagrees and exclaims,
"Oh, no, sister, that sounds too duck-like.
It is clear to see that it has a snout of a more carnivorous nature!"

The Squirrel is thinking
"A Carnivorous Nature!?!"

Bridget says, "Oh, yes, NOW I see, it is as you say!
Oh, how frightful it is, to be sure!"

Eliza continues to describe the sight before her!
"The creature has bumpy scales, fins, wings, and feet, and its tail fin flaps!

One can actually see how its
nostrils are creating paths of air in the water!
One can see the motion of the water as the creature is making its way through the water!
One can see the
steam rising from the hot springs as it hits the cold air!"

The girls are quite sure that the creature must live in the gloomy, eerie, creepy cave in the back of the photograph with stalactites hanging down!

Concerned, Bridget asks Eliza "Do you think it eats squirrels?"

"Oh, I'm sure it must!" says Eliza.

A Creature of a Carnivorous Nature...
Eats Squirrels...
Do they mean ME!?!

A negative is studied during the investigative process to analyze the creature (and its lair) further!

As Bridget and Eliza have tea in the Corgyncombe Library, they check to see if anything similar to the creature had ever been seen before and checked through their books.
They had heard rumors of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and Champ of Lake Champlain.

As nothing quite like it has been observed and described before,
they think they have discovered a never before seen in recent history, long forgotten species which they declare to be a:

"Corie Combie"
The Curious Carnivorous Creature
of Corgyncombe's Corgi Creek

Subsequent investigative strolls along the creek since the thaw have revealed nary a sight or trace of Corie Combie, so far.
The girls are positive it is something, somewhat of an unusual phenomenon, but they are not quite sure what!

This is not the first time (and, we trust, not the last) that unusual discoveries have been made around and about Corgi Creek! Several years ago a petrified frog was found washed up along the banks after a flood! The petrified frog was named Phineas T. Frog (T. is for Taylor). It has since been on exhibit at the Corgyncombe Hall of Oddities and Curiosities, much to the thrill of all who view it!

Eliza and Bridget are considering opening an inn and observatory overlooking Corgi Creek for Izannah Walker dolls and other dolls, where they can patiently wait and observe, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Corie Combie! The girls are sure they can provide some shopping opportunities for those wanting souvenirs of this rare phenomenon (post cards, perhaps, or other knickknacks bearing the striking image of Corie Combie as photographed by Diane Shepard Johnson)!

copyright © 2012 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson



Cathy Gilleylen Schultz said...

How were you able to capture such wonderful photographs of the red Squirrel!? With a great deal of patience, I'm sure. I love Eliza and Bridget--they are so beautiful.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Well the Darling Sisters Bridget and Eliza have had an exciting outing! I hope they had a little foot warmer at their feet!!
I think that the Corie Combie is quite frightful! Little Squirrel has every reason to be alert and careful!!
We are hoping you shall all have a Happy Resurrection day
Many Blessings and Hugs, Linnie and the Mousiekins

Whiffletree Farm said...

I particularly like their sleigh; so very fashionable and well designed! There is a smaller Gail Wilson doll that is based on Izannah Walker and she, too, is adorable.

heritagestitchery said...

What an enchanting ride....and such discoveries
along the way! The "girls" are so lucky to have
a mistress who understands the wonders of nature
and knows how to so beautifully record them. Do
not park the sleigh in the open...as YKW is
lurking behind a nearby tree ready to pounce...

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