April 11, 2012

Hot Cross Buns at Good Friday Tea!

Eliza is holding the new dolly that she shares with her sister Bridget.
Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea and Hot Cross Buns from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" are served at Good Friday Tea.
In front of the little doll is a basket of marbleized eggs and she has her own little cup of tea.
Daffodils are added to the pussy willows that were gathered on the "
Corie Combie" Adventure.
The flowers are so pretty and so enjoyed with tea!

The Dibble Dabble Ducklings are in the enclosure underneath the pussy willow tree behind Eliza.

The chosen music to accompany this post is from "Emma":

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The music is so lovely whilst reading!

Bridget is holding Chickalily in her lap.

Between Bridget and Eliza the Dibble Dabble Sisters can be seen quacking and running about.
Dibble Dabble is in the front wearing a pink frock.
Bridget and Eliza are so entertained by the Dibble Dabble sisters!
Tasha Tudor sometimes put ducklings or rabbits under her Easter tree.
In Tasha Tudor's book "A Time to Keep" she illustrates bunnies under the Easter egg tree.
In "Seasons of Delight", a pop-up book by Tasha Tudor, a pussy willow Easter tree with ducklings beneath the tree is illustrated in the Spring section.

For Good Friday tea, Eliza decided to wear the antique bonnet that Lydia Corgi has on in the photograph below.
The bandboxes hold bonnets and other delightful gatherings belonging to Bridget and Eliza.
glass case holds hot cross buns for the sisters and a little bun especially for their little doll.

Lydia Corgi wearing the bonnet whilst watching the goat races on the anniversary of Tasha Tudor's birthday in August.

Cousin Charlotte with Chickalily.
Charlotte reminds us of Tasha Tudor.

Charlotte, Bridget and Eliza were all made by Margaret Flavin.

Bridget, Eliza, and their little doll are Izannah Walker inspired dolls.

Hot Cross Buns made at the Corgyncombe Bakery using the receipt from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". The slanted glass top bakery case is an antique from an old candy store.

With the lid open, a reflection of the hot cross buns can be seen.
This case reminds us of Mr. McGregor's cucumber frame in "Peter Rabbit" written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter.
Tasha Tudor used to speak of how she admired that cucumber frame.

A hot cross bun with tea, with blueish eggs round.
The teapot is one of Diane's favorite and has Jemima Puddle-duck and, as Beatrix Potter said, the "foxy-whiskered gentleman" walking about discussing things of importance, such as nesting. The "foxy-whiskered gentleman" was
all too interested! Beatrix Potter's Benjamin Bunny is on the teacup.

Eliza's best bonnet.
In "A Tale for Easter", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Tasha writes about how eggs can be found on Easter morn in your shoes and your best bonnet.

We at the Corgyncombe Courant hope that our Dear Readers had a Joyful Resurrection Sunday!

copyright © 2012 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson



The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Oh Joy joy joy the Dibble Dabble Sisters are having!!
And it is always a pleasure to see Cousin Charlotte !!
Eliza and Bridget have a new Doll that looks so much like themselves they shall enjoy her dearly!
But Lydia Corgi has stolen the show with pure cuteness!!! Heeee!!!
Blesings and HUGS Linnie and the Mousiekins

Jeri Landers said...

Dear Ladies, Lydia looks quite quaint in her wee bonnet. The pussy willows are simply beautiful mixed with daffs! As always, your photos and vignettes are filled with delightful charm, so cozy.
I have been thinking of corgis lately, as we will soon be looking for a new doggie friend here on the farm. I love the look of them, but I wonder how they behave around ducks and chickens? Perhaps they look too much like a fox... I am not sure my birds would like that.
Cousin Jeri

Christie said...

Oh my dear girls...I am just now able to sit for a while with my coffee and enjoy your treasure trove of posts ...what beautiful dolls...what beautiful Names!!! How amazing that you and I have the same teapot! My mother purchased it when my children were small, and she has passed it on to me. We love Jemima!
And the Bakery...YES! it does remind me of the cucumber frame!
Such delightfulness in all of these dear Dianne and Sarah!
Please stop in to see the progress on our little books...we are rejoicing as each day brings us closer to holding them in our hands...
Much love,
Christie, Eliza and friends at Grammy's House, Rose Water Cottage

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