December 22, 2011

Old Fashioned Shoes Underneath the Table Top Tree!

Mama Duck Resides at Corgyncombe Box 507!
Old fashioned shoes and socks under the dolls' feather tree.

Last week we cut a tree for atop the table like the one we always used to have at Grandmum's house!
The shoe box is moved under the old fashioned table top Christmas tree in the old kitchen.

Mama Duck spied the shoe box and started throwing the striped red socks and old fashioned shoes out of the box.

She then found some hay left over from when the goat kiddles resided in the old kitchen and filled the shoe box full of hay to her satisfaction. Isn't she clever with her bill?

Here she sits in box 507, contented and happy in her nest under the Christmas tree!

The Corgyncombe Courant will have to photograph the table top Christmas tree when the decorating is finished!

Diane in her little black Christmas party shoes, not as old as the shoes in box 507, but they give an old fashioned look. The Christmas party dress was red with a white collar.

In the photograph above Diane is at her Grandparents house for Christmas. They always had an old fashioned looking table top tree. Diane's Uncles on both her Father's and Mother's sides always bought her little frocks and then they would take photographs of her in the frocks. On her Father's side the frocks had a more old fashioned look. They were probably bought at charming old country stores that carried older stock. On her Mum's side Diane received frocks from New York City and all over the world. But then, Diane's Father's side has always been more old fashioned! Grandmum on Father's side has always reminded me of Tasha Tudor!


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