December 25, 2011

A Corgyncombe Christmas Eve!

Baby Jesus in a Peaceful Corner of the Garden of Herbs
Diane's Grandmum always had an old fashioned table top Christmas tree.
This year we decided to have a tree like Grandmum's to put in the old fashioned kitchen/herbary.
When guests arrived the old Kalliope music box was playing.
Simply magic!!!

The tree is topped with a tin foil star. When Sarah was a baby and we were looking for something to put atop our Christmas tree, we made the silver star out of cardboard and tin foil. We enjoy its simplicity and have used it ever since. There is an old fashioned fence on the table that surrounds the base of the table top tree. Alongside the tree is an old fashioned toy horse on wheels.

Tasha Tudor illustrated some splendid rocking horses and several toy animals on wheels, including a horse, sheep, cow, and dog, in the 1975 version of "The Night Before Christmas". There is two page colour illustration in the book with a Christmas tree surrounded by Christmas toys, such as a rocking horse, a doll house, a doll riding in a carriage, a doll with a trunk full of clothes, a toy sheep, a jump rope, a copper kettle, a doll sofa, a tea set, a miniature wash set and drying rack, a sled, a drum, a wagon with blocks, a Jack-in-the-box, toy soldiers, a cow on wheels, a bubble pipe, a ball, and a toy dog on wheels. What a delightful illustration of a Happy Christmas!

In the 1975 version of "The Night Before Christmas" illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Tasha wrote to Sarah:
"To Miss Sarah who wears fine boots! Love from Tasha Tudor"

One year when Sarah was little, in a peaceful corner of her herb garden Diane placed a manger scene of figures that she painted.
Sarah and her young friends were delighted!


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Jeri Landers said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,I love the tree and the simple star and the Christmas hymn. I am wondering how tall the tree is.
Last night, we heard a loud crash and ran downstairs... our 9 ft tree had toppled over and was laying sadly all over the floor. I lost a few treasured baubles... but the cat was still alive! Naughty CAT!!!
Fondly from the Hollow, Your Cousin Jeri

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