May 19, 2011

Goat Kiddles at Corgyncombe Goatery Go Exploring!

Our "Cup Runneth Over"!
The rains have ceased... for awhile, maybe. Awwwwww... a bit of nice weather and the kiddles are enjoying an outing amongst the dandelions and apple blossom petals!
The pastures are just aglow with dandelions and a bit of sun!

The kiddles are so sweet and cute and soft!
We love to rub our cheeks on their little soft heads!

In "The Lord Is My Shepherd, The Twenty-Third Psalm", illustrated by Tasha Tudor, on the "My cup runneth over" pages, there is a Mama Goat with her twin kiddles, a Mama Corgi with her little Corgyn, a Mama Rabbit with her little Bunns, a Mama Woodchuck with her little babies, and a Hen and her chicks amongst the dandelions.

Corgyncombe Cottage's "Cup Runneth Over", indeed!!!

Sweet Pea and Daisy out to pasture amongst the dandelions.
Doesn't Corgyncombe's new little kiddle remind you of her big sister Daisy?



The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Diane and Sarah,
A beautiful day for you and the Kiddles(I went and pulled the 23rd TT book..hee)
Sweet sweet pictures!
Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

( dandelions we have plenty... but sun shine? what is that? send some this way hee hee)!

Christie said...

How sweet are those babies!! And yes, the little one is big sister made over!
Enjoy that sunshine, as it certainly seems to be scarce through all this Spring rain...
Lovely photos, as always, dear friends. When I have spare moments in the day, I enjoy perusing your archives and marvel at your extraordinary talent...each photo inspires and evokes creativity.
Have a wonderful evening.
Your friend,

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Such little darlings! We are now officially "kid hungry!" Reading about your little goat family makes us dream of our own little farm of the future.

Thank you for sharing with us!


Marqueta and Children

Christie said...

I just had to pop by and check in on our darling kiddles!! I miss you and am anxious to see what has been going on in lovely New England.
Your Tillie and her Mouse friends, Duckling and Quakenbush, must be awfully busy these days of Spring at the Corgyncombe Cottage.
I received the Burgess Bird Book, antiquated version, this week, and have been bursting to tell you the news that I have found a turn of the century copy of Language of Flowers!!!
Who else would share in my enthusiasm, but you, dear friend.
A miniature Bible has also been procured, and Daphne, Eliza, and friends are anticipating its arrival with much elation!!
Please let us see a lovely post as you have time to share, amongst feedings and gardening and sewing and knitting....whew!!!
Some time dear:)
Your friend, ever, and always...

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