May 17, 2011

Corgyncombe's New Goat Kiddles!

Carmella Lucille Does Herself Proud!
For the last few days we have been keeping an eye on Corgyncombe Nubian Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille as she was past her due date. Yesterday she started going into labor. As time went on and things didn't look to be going as they should, we called the veterinary, he said one of the babies was breech. We were oh, so thankful that the veterinary assisted for safe deliveries. Above and below are a couple of photographs of the two little cuties who still don't have names, yet! Oh, dear readers, they are so sweet and dear and our time is spent attending to their every need!

In "The Springs of Joy", illustrated by Tasha Tudor, there are several adorable goat kiddles illustrated. One illustration has Tasha Tudor's grandchildren on a broken tree with a couple of kiddles and the Mama Goat. There are also dandelions on this page, a crop that Corgyncombe now is experiencing the glory of in full profusion! Dandelion jelly next, if I find the time. In "A Time to Keep", Tasha has illustrated one of her grandchildren with goat kiddles jumping joyously about in lovely April. Tasha Tudor illustrated a Christmas card with Sarah feeding the goats in the barn. There is a sweet little corgi at Sarah's feet. The feeding the goats card is featured in the video "Take Peace, A Corgi Cottage Christmas with Tasha Tudor". The goat that Sarah is feeding a bottle to looks a lot like one of Corgyncombe's new babies!

The photographs above were taken after they were born in the barn, yesterday. We have since brought them in the house as it is cold and damp in the barn. There is hay and shavings scattered about the old kitchen at Corgyncombe Cottage. 'Tis just about time for another feeding, so we will stop now and ready their bottles.



Christie said...

Oh, how adorable they are!!!
How do you take your eyes off of them? How thankful we are for their safe arrival into such a wonderfully warm and loving home!
Take care, new little kiddles!
Love to all of you,

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Oooo how sweeeeeet! I love baby kids! It's been too long since we've had baby kids here, what a dear sweet time to be in! Goaties are such spirit lifters! Hee! all the sweet bleats oh hee hee. Goats in the kitchen.....oo hee
Happy happy warm Blessings! Linnie

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Oooh, how sweet! What fun it must be in the kitchen with a couple of kids underfoot! The things we don't do for our animal family!



Christie said...

I have been thinking of you my dear friends, all day long...thinking of those precious kiddles and hoping all is well.
These are such hectic days, but all is moving along at a steady pace. How anxious I am to "fluff" my new "nest"...
Hugs and blessings from your dear friend,

Jeri Landers said...

There is nothing more adorable than a baby goat, and two of them is even better! Those precious little knock-y knees and the funny little "Maa-aaa". The theme song from Friendly Persuasion is perfect for these little darlings.
We were pleasantly surprised 2yrs ago, when we came home from an art show to find that my red boar goat had given birth to a wee babe. It was rather a shock as we had no idea she was pregnant! I have ONLY female goats and she had always been rather stout. It turns out, our neighbors male had been visiting without our knowledge. But what a jolly surprise to find that adorable little kiddle in the barn, still wet from new birth.
I think Carmella Lucinda deserves a nice big bowl of strawberries for doing such a good job!
Cousin Jeri

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