May 13, 2010

In Sooth, What is a Relict?

Relict, an old fashioned "label" for a widow.
According to the "American Dictionary of The English Language" by Noah Webster, 1828:

Relict: A widow; a woman whose husband is dead.

Sarah (May) Lyon was sister to Diane's 5th great grandfather Eliakim May.
Sarah (May) Lyon and Eliakim May were children of Nehemiah and Mehitable (Holbrook) May.

Nehemiah and Mehitable (Holbrook) May had seven children, one of whom died during childhood.
When their six remaining May children married, they all married Lyons.

Sarah (May) Lyon's husband Capt. Benjamin Lyon, through both his mother and father (who were both Lyons by birth), was also related to Diane and Sarah.

Diane's 5th great grandfather Eliakim May was 1st cousin to Louisa May Alcott's great grandfather Samuel May.

The New England of Old... The Real New England.

Abigail (Bartholomew) (Frissell) Paine was a cousin of Diane and Sarah's through the Johnson family.

The Corgyncombe Courant asks:

How many relicts/widows do you think one (1) man can have??


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