July 4, 2019

Dolls' Independence Day Picnic!

Under the Shade of the Old Cedar Tree!
The little dolls of Corgyncombe are having an Independence Day picnic behind Corgyncombe Cottage underneath the big old cedar tree.

Corgyncombe Cottage in an earlier time.

The little dolls have brought their little dolls to join the 4th of July festivities.

Some of the Corgyncombe Courant reporters' Revolutionary War soldier direct ancestors were:

Levi Adams Sr.
Serg. Levi Adams Jr.
Asahel Booth
John Clothier
Benjamin Eggleston
Benjamite Greene
Nathaniel Greene
John Hale
Ephraim Harrindeen
Stephen Harrington
Henry Head
Elias Jones
Cyprian Keyes
Nehemiah Lyon
Eliakim May
Joseph Peters
Jared Robinson
Ziba Robinson
William Scott
Capt. David Shepard
Stephen Smith
Nathan Standish
Nathaniel Swift
Elias Taylor
Nicholas Teachout
Amos Towne
Thomas Weaver
Daniel Wood

There are several other Revolutionary War soldiers that The Corgyncombe Courant Genealogy Department are researching, also.

My great great grandfather Carlton P. Taylor served for the Union in the Civil War.
His grandfather and two of his great grandfathers were Revolutionary War soldiers.

We at the Corgyncombe Courant love how Tasha Tudor illustrates Independence Day in "Around The Year" and "A Time to Keep". Tasha shows picnics, flying and displaying the American flag, firecrackers, and fireworks. In "Around the Year" the page with the eagle, stars, and flags catches the eye of the Corgyncombe Courant. In "Corgiville Fair", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, in the grand parade along with Caleb Corgi and his racing goat Josephine, Miss Corgiville, the Bogarts, the California Gold Rush, and many floats, there are three corgis depicting "The Spirit of '76" with fife and drums, carrying flags.

Sarah in the garden amongst the peas and onions.
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