September 5, 2018

Lovely Jenny Wren Lindenwood Arrives by Carriage!

Tea in the Garden with Tillie Tinkham!
Jenny Wren Lindenwood driving her horse and carriage.
She has come a long way and will soon arrive at Corgyncombe.

A bouquet of asters and goldenrod, gathered along old country lanes.

The geese curtsied their greeting to Jenny Wren!

A rainbow appeared amongst the Corgyncombe hills and dales.

There are many delightful sights and sounds along the way.


 After a long journey, Jenny Wren Lindenwood and Molly the horse arrive at Corgyncombe Cottage.

The goldenrod is used at Corgyncombe for dyeing our handspun yarn.

Jenny Wren wears an exquisite frilled cap!

Sarah astride our Morgan horse Ben.

Sarah is wearing a sweater that I handspun, naturally dyed with goldenrod and knit.

Tasha Tudor always said that my daughter Sarah had lovely "corgi red" hair.
Jenny Wren Lindenwood has the same lovely shade of "corgi red".

A shawl that I am knitting with my handspun yarn, naturally dyed with goldenrod.
It is done in seed stitch as I prefer it to garter stitch. I find it more pleasing to the eye and more interesting to knit.

Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe, was delighted to hear that Jenny Wren Lindenwood specializes in making dolly frocks!

The Golden Thimble Society commenced as Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe for many years, wanted to assist the Queen Anne English Wooden dolls with their needlework.

Jenny Wren told Tillie that she would be very pleased to join the Golden Thimble Society!

Tillie tells Jenny Wren about her shoppe "Tillie Tinkham's Frock & Fashions" with Millinery and Tea Room in the four story Dolls House, 863 Park Avenue.

Jenny Wren Lindenwood joins her sister Pigeon Lindenwood, pictured above.

Both sisters have birdie names.  The name and term "Jenny Wren" has been in use for many years; a 1782 English Dictionary has an entry for Jenny-Wren, a fine Song-Bird. The phrase appears in traditonal children's stories. Charles Dickens used Jenny Wren as the name for one of his characters in "Our Mutual Friend" written in 1864-1865. She was the dolls' dressmaker.  Since then various authors have also used the name "Jenny Wren" in their stories, including Beatrix Potter, Thornton Burgess, and Tasha Tudor.

Jenny Wren Lindenwood, like her sister Pigeon, has a fondness for fowl.

Tillie says that Hannah and Edward have also been seen riding in the carriage around Corgyncombe Country and in the garden!

Tea with Welsh tea cakes and a bouquet of gathered goldenrod and asters.

Tillie Tinkham at the door of 863 Park Avenue.

Tillie Tinkham has a frock and millinery shop, "Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and Fashions", on the ground floor of the old dollhouse that came with the address 863 Park Avenue above the door. The little girl who originally owned it lived at 863 Park Avenue.

The Dibble Dabble Duck family, the Tweet Sweet Birdies, Miss Elsie Pricklish the Hedgehog, and the Hittys occupy the different floors of the old doll's house.

The dollhouse, with its two large opening doors, reminds us of Beatrix Potter's doll's house at Hill Top.

The real and original Tillie Tinkham, seamstress mouse for the dolls and critters at Corgyncombe.

Jenny Wren and Pigeon Lindenwood are Queen Anne English wooden dolls made by talented dollmaker Kathy Patterson.

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