July 4, 2018

Celebrating Independence Day!

A Lovely 4th of July on the Lawn at Corgyncombe!
Bridget, Emma, and Eliza celebrate Independence Day out on the lawn at Corgyncombe!
Emma is a Cousin of Bridget and Eliza. Emma is holding, as the girls call her, the "Little Dear One".

They have their own small size vasculum and have collected a rose and some lavender that always bloom at Corgyncombe about the time of the 4th of July!

Bridget reads from their book "Child's Life of Washington".

The old fashioned likeness of the girls is surrounded by a fancy tintype frame.

Eliza holds a small bouquet of lavender and roses.
What a lovely fragrance!

You can see how small their vasculum is!
Moss is placed inside and the flowers can stay fresh for several days within the vasculum.

A special treat for Independence Tea, Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille's Vanilla Ice Cream, made using the receipt for "Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream" in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". It was made in my old White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer. Tasha Tudor describes her ice cream as delectable and she is so right! The receipt for "Washington Pie" is also in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". The design on the "Washington Pie", made by dusting confectioner's sugar over a doily and then taking the doily off, reminds one of spectacular fireworks! The "Washington Pie", made at the Corgyncombe Bakery, has raspberry jam filling and is delicious with Carmella Lucille's Vanilla Ice Cream! The old fashioned roses on the table are from my garden. A scene showing George Washington gathered with his family is on the teapot.

Cranking the old White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer.

The above scene took place in the winter of 2007. We traversed around on snowbanks gathering icicles for ice for the churning of the ice cream.  This photograph is especially refreshing on this 4th of July week, when the temperatures have been in the mid-90s.

Bridget shows Emma and the "Dear Little One" the picture of George Washington in the book.

I told the Izannah girls how my 4th great grandfather Elias Taylor served under Gen'l George Washington and how my 6th great grandfather Nehemiah Lyon represented the Woodstock, Connecticut area in the protest of the Stamp Act.

My 5th great grandmother Martha (Lyon) May, daughter of Nehemiah Lyon, was reported in 1766 by The Hartford Courant (The Connecticut Courant), to have "spun 194 knots of good linen yarn in one day." It was considered patriotic during this time to boycott British products and to spin their own threads and yarns. Spinning and knitting bees were very popular.

William Scott (my 4th great grandfather) was born during the Revolutionary War at Fort Ticonderoga as it says in his obituary: "in Ticonderoga Fort, in the dark days of the revolutionary struggle. The men were called into the army and the women and children had to flee to the Fort for safety. They remained there till the surrender of Burgoyne, when they returned to Bennington, Vermont." William Scott's father William Scott was a Revolutionary War soldier.

My 6th great grandfather, Revolutionary War soldier John Hale was 2nd Cousin to the great American patriot Nathan Hale.

My 4th great grandfather Stephen Harrington was at the battle when Cornwallis surrendered.

My 6th great grandfather was Corporal Ephraim Harrindeen of Rhode Island.
Eliphel McGee stated about Ephraim Harrindeen:
"Ephraim Harrindeen came to warn my Brother in a General Alarm, I recollect that he appeared to be very resolute, and went away upon a run to perform his duty in warning the men belonging to his company."

The girls are sitting on a lovely old quilt of red, white, and blue!

The white areas of the quilt are made of different fabrics with small festive prints predominantly of blue and red against the white. The quilt has been tied off with blue and white threads. The small prints and the ties give a splendid fireworks appearance! We thought of Independence Day the moment we saw it!

We at the Corgyncombe Courant love how Tasha Tudor illustrates Independence Day in "Around The Year" and "A Time to Keep". Tasha shows picnics, flying and displaying the American flag, firecrackers, and fireworks. In "Around the Year" the page with the eagle, stars, and flags catches the eye of the Corgyncombe Courant.

Some of the Corgyncombe Courant reporters' Revolutionary War soldier direct ancestors were:

Levi Adams Sr.
Serg. Levi Adams Jr.
Asahel Booth
John Clothier
Benjamin Eggleston
Benjamite Greene
John Hale
Ephraim Harrindeen
Stephen Harrington
Henry Head
Elias Jones
Cyprian Keyes
Nehemiah Lyon
Eliakim May
Joseph Peters
Jared Robinson
Ziba Robinson
William Scott
Capt. David Shepard
Stephen Smith
Nathan Standish
Nathaniel Swift
Elias Taylor
Nicholas Teachout
Amos Towne
Thomas Weaver
Daniel Wood

There are several other Revolutionary War soldiers that The Corgyncombe Courant Genealogy Department are researching, also.

Lucy with a flag celebrating Independence Day!
She is carrying the Grand Union flag, an early American flag, whilst walking about the gardens at Corgyncombe.
A progression of self sown flowers blooms here under the little old apple tree from spring until autumn.

The Grand Union flag flying o'er my 7th great grandparents' (David and Hepzibah Howe) house, the Howe Tavern in Massachusetts.

The Howe Tavern is also known as the Wayside Inn, made famous in Longfellow's poem.

David and Hepzibah Howe's daughter Hepzibah was my 6th great grandmother.

In "Tales of a Wayside Inn" by Longfellow, he speaks of Hepzibah's brother Lieut. Col. Ezekiel Howe and the sword he used "In the rebellious days of yore, Down there at Concord in the fight."

"Paul Revere's Ride" is included in "The Landlord's Tale" in "Tales of a Wayside Inn" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The Corgyncombe Courant reports on an article found in an 1901 issue of "The Otsego Farmer":
The Otsego Farmer, January 11, 1901
"The firemen have much improved their hall by repainting and papering it and covering the floor with matting. Last Saturday evening, at the regular monthly meeting, there was an unusually large attendance. After the business meeting the veteran fireman, O. E. Taylor, by invitation, recited Paul Revere's ride, rendering that grand old poem with a zeal and fervor which elicited much applause."

Oh, how The Corgyncombe Courant reporters wish we had been there to hear the poem recited with "zeal and fervor" by a grandson of Revolutionary War soldier Elias Taylor and great grandson of Revolutionary War Soldiers Joseph Peters and Nathaniel Swift. O. E. Taylor was a great great uncle of mine and Elias Taylor was my 4th great grandfather. Elias Taylor served under Gen'l George Washington. Joseph Peters and Nathaniel Swift were both 5th great grandfathers of mine.
The Corgyncombe Courant is sure that many others in attendance at the firemen's hall were also descendants of Revolutionary War soldiers and one can imagine the roar of applause in response to such "zeal and fervor".

Carolina holds an early apple that has fallen from the Astrachan apple tree.

Bridget, Eliza, Emma, Lucy, and Carolina and their wonderful clothing were made by Margaret Flavin.

 A Guide to the Wild Flowers", written by Alice Lounsberry and illustrated by Mrs. Ellis Rowan.
The well worn book was originally owned by Mrs. T. B. Shepherd.

There are many handwritten notes by previous owners on the pages of the book noting the date and location that they found the particular wild flower. Although the book was written at a later date, the earliest date in the handwritten notations is an 1848 sighting.

Oswego-Tea, also called Bee Balm: in the book is written, "Found in Grandmother's garden, near her bee house when a child - West Martinsburg"

In Revolutionary times some folks would use Oswego Tea as an alternative to the imported tea taxed by the British.

We hope our Dear Readers have a lovely Independence Day!

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