February 14, 2018

Gathering Strawberries and Flowers for One Another!

Hannah and Edward!
Hannah went out and gathered wild strawberries for her Edward.

"It was a pretty sight, coming home, to see the women and children scattered about the meadows, gathering wild strawberries. This delightful fruit is very abundant here, growing everywhere, in the woods, along the road-sides, and in every meadow."
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Ah yes, what a beautiful sight this must have been indeed, with the ladies and children dressed in the good taste of the day!

Corgyncombe Wild Strawberries
"Both raspberries and strawberries grow wild here in such profusion that few persons cultivate them."
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

"Fine strawberries from the fields this evening for tea... Strolled in the lane, enjoying the fragrant meadows..."
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Strawberries that grow wild about meadows and lawn at Corgyncombe.

"A meadow is a delicate embroidery in colors, which you must examine closely to understand all its merits; the nearer you are,  the better. One must bend over the grass to find the blue violet in May, the red strawberry in June; one should be close at  hand to mark the first appearance of the simple field-blossoms, clover, red and white, buttercup and daisy, with the later  lily, and primrose, and meadow-tuft; one should be nigh to breathe the sweet and fresh perfume, which increases daily until the  mowers come with their scythes."
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Susan Fenimore Cooper wrote the book "Rural Hours" as a journal of her frequent nature walks out and about the countryside. It was published in 1850.

Edward surprised his Hannah with a bouquet of lavender and rose!

Hannah sits in a chair that Seth Tudor made, a miniature replica of one that Tasha Tudor sat in do her artwork.

Lovely landscapes and countryside!

David Austin Roses at Corgyncombe

"Just now we are eager to feast our eyes upon a rose - a true, perfect rose - with all her beauties opening to the light, all  her silken petals unfolding in rich profusion about her fragrant heart."
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Susan Fenimore Cooper was the daughter of James Fenimore Cooper, author of the "Leatherstocking Tales".

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