July 4, 2017

Gathering Stawberries About Meadow and Lawn!

Hitty Celebrates Independence Day!
Hitty and Tasha Corgi waving the flag!

We at the Corgyncombe Courant love how Tasha Tudor illustrates Independence Day in "Around The Year" and "A Time to Keep". Tasha shows picnics, flying and displaying the American flag, firecrackers, and fireworks. In "Around the Year" the page with the eagle, stars, and flags catches the eye of the Corgyncombe Courant.

My daughter Sarah and I have over twenty direct line ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War.

One of our more recent discoveries of a direct line Revolutionary War ancestor is Corporal Ephraim Harrindeen of Rhode Island.

Eliphel McGee stated about Ephraim Harrindeen:
"Ephraim Harrindeen came to warn my Brother in a General Alarm, I recollect that he appeared to be very resolute, and went away upon a run to perform his duty in warning the men belonging to his company."

We are inspired by our ancestor Ephraim Harrindeen's vigilance and fervor!

Hitty picking strawberries about meadow and lawn.
What a delight on the 4th of July!

"It was a pretty sight, coming home, to see the women and children scattered about the meadows, gathering wild strawberries. This delightful fruit is very abundant here, growing everywhere, in the woods, along the road-sides, and in every meadow. Happily for us, the wild strawberries rather increase than diminish in cultivated lands; they are even more common among the foreign grasses of the meadows than within the woods. The two varieties marked by our botanists are both found about our lake."
~ "Rural Hours", published 1850,
by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Happy Independence Day to our Dear Readers!

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