April 16, 2017

Easter Egg Tree Reminiscent of a Tasha Tudor Illustration!

Ducklings Under the Easter Egg Tree!
Emma underneath the pussy willow tree.
An annual trip down to the lower forty, yielded a gathering of branches for our Easter egg tree.


One of our favorite eggs with a hand-painted dragonfly.

Emma holds a chick.

One of the Dibble Dabble sisters with small cards and eggs, to be sent to friends!

In "A Time to Keep" and "Seasons of Delight" both by Tasha Tudor, Tasha illustrated an Easter tree above an old cheese strainer with rabbits or ducklings underneath.

 Behind the Easter egg tree there are many Beatrix Potter figurines on the cupboard amongst the teapots and apothecary. The Beatrix Potter figurines are constant companions at tea time throughout the seasons.

Dilley Dibble Dabble and her duckling sisters quack and flap underneath the Easter tree. Dilley Dibble Dabble is the duckling in the pink frock.

Emma and her bunny love the little ducklings!
Oh, so cute!!!

Sarah loved watching and feeding the ducks, too!

We hope our Dear Readers have a lovely Resurrection Sunday!

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