December 21, 2016

A Carriage Ride at Hitty Beth's Towpath Cottage!

Meeting Hitty Beth's New Little Sisters!
Hitty Beth at Towpath Cottage invited the Corgyncombe Hittys over to see her splendid horse and carriage!

What fun it always is to visit Hitty Beth and her Mum at Towpath Cottage!!!

Hitty Beth's Towpath Cottage

Riding in the carriage are Hitty Beth's sweet little sisters Hitty Abby and Hitty Emily. Between them is Corgyncombe's little bitty Hitty. Corgyncombe's Bobby, Hitty Diane and Hitty Bug walk alongside the carriage. Hitty Beth leads the horse.

Corgyncombe's Bobby helps Hitty Abby out of the carriage.
Hitty Diane thinks Bobby is quite smitten with Hitty Abby!

Bobby surrounds himself with Hitty Beth's farm animals.

Corgyncombe's new lad pets Towpath Cottage's horse.

Hitty Beth's little sisters Hitty Emily and Hitty Abby around the Christmas tree in the parlour at Towpath Cottage.
In the background is the stairway that Bobby rushed up at Hitty Beth's Valentine's party a couple of years ago. In his haste to rush up the stairs to pick out the nicest Valentine for Hitty Diane, Bobby fell down the stairs and had to sit out the party with an ice bag on his head!

The lovely fireplace in the parlour at Towpath Cottage.

Last year after Hitty Bug first arrived at Corgyncombe, she and Hitty Diane set up their little play kitchen for tea, all decorated for Christmas, at Corgyncombe. Hitty Bug is named Hitty Bug because we think she is as "cute as a bug".

Merry Christmas to Hitty Beth, Hitty Abby and Hitty Emily, and their Mum!
Diane, Sarah and the Corgyncombe Hittys

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