July 7, 2016

Rose Geranium Cake for Tea!

The Flavor of Roses!
Many doll bouquets are to be found in the small pewter sugar bowl.
Above, the doll sugar bowl holds a bouquet of Rose geranium leaves and flowers. The old receipt box was found with an old handwritten label. Receipt is an old fashioned word for recipe.

Creaming the butter and sugar, then adding the egg yokes for "Becky's Birthday Cake" from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". In the cake pan to the left are some scented Rose geranium leaves.

Corgyncombe Dairy goat Carmella Lucille's milk in a hand-thrown salt-glazed milk jug made by a friend. The little yellowware jar with the lid was a delightful find I bought at an antique store for $10 and it was full of nutmeg.

Wilma Higgs is an English wooden doll made by talented dollmaker Kathy Patterson, who also made Wilma's wonderful clothing with tiny little stitches.

In the winter, when Wilma first came to Corgyncombe, she discovered a Rose Geranium plant, its leaves when rubbed between her fingers produced a lovely rose fragrance. She placed the Rose Geranium leaves atop lavender in a pewter bowl, which together produced such a splendid fragrance, lavender and roses, but alas no blossoms. Later, in the spring, the Rose Geranium put forth dainty pink blooms.

At the bottom of each cake tin I distributed four leaves and then poured the batter atop the leaves.
 Above, the baked cakes.

The old teaset is decorated with hand painted leaves that bear a resemblance to old fashioned Rose Geranium leaves.

When I worked at a museum most of the other farm ladies went south for the winter. I stayed and taught fireplace cookery and other old fashioned tasks to school groups. Because the kitchen would get so cold at night, I was the one who took home the Rose geranium to winter it over 'til spring. One of the older ladies who I worked with told me about flavoring a cake with Rose geranium leaves in the bottom of the pan with the batter poured over.

Cupcakes decorated with Rose geranium flowers and leaves.

Before frosting the cake I peeled the Rose geranium leaves off. The Rose geranium leaves have imparted their rose flavor into the cake. Delightfully delicious!!!

Wilma made a bouquet of the Rose geranium leaves and flowers.

Tea and Rose geranium cupcakes in the Corgyncombe Garden of Herbs.

Tea at the Derbyshire writing slope whilst writing a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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