June 24, 2016

Hitty Rachel Churns Butter at Old Sturbridge Village!

Pretty Spring Flowers at Old Sturbridge Village!
Hitty Rachel churning butter in the Butt'ry at the Freeman Farm at Old Sturbridge Village. Hitty noticed that the butter from the cow's cream is yellow whilst the butter from the goat's cream at home is white.

Our second cousin (related through the May family) John May married Delia, one of the Freeman daughters. John May, Delia, and their children lived with Delia's parents at the Freeman Farm in the late 1830s.

Hitty Hannah Austin Rose and Hitty Sue, thrilled to be in the Butt'ry at the Freeman Farm at Old Sturbridge Village.

In "Mother Goose", illustrated by Tasha Tudor, there is a lady named Mary churning in the dairy. This illustration has always been a favorite of ours.

Looking out the bedroom window at the Freeman Farm at Old Sturbridge Village, one sees a lilac bush. Beyond the pasture is the stone blacksmith shop built by Moses Wilder. We are researching the possibility that Moses Wilder was a cousin of ours through the Wilder and Sawyer families of early New England.

How we all love the sweet little lambs at the Freeman Farm at Old Sturbridge Village!

The Salem Towne House garden at Old Sturbridge Village.
Salem Towne was a cousin through old New England family lines to my great great great grandmother Sarah Towne.

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