November 10, 2012

High Dumpsie Dearie and Autumnal Splendor!

Mellow Autumnal Days and Jam at Tea!
Mellow days of autumnal perfection are rare when the colours are full and peak, the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

The chosen music to accompany this post is Ashokan Farewell:
Click Here for Specially Chosen Mellow Autumnal Music.
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We have featured this music many times before as it is so lovely and one of our favorites!

High Dumpsie Dearie is an old English receipt for jam made with apples, pears, and plums with some bruised ginger.
High Dumpsie Dearie makes your autumnal kitchen smell delightful!
I peeled, cut up, and weighed out two pounds of each of the fruit. I weighed the plate first and set the scale accordingly.

Also nice are the days of autumnal chill when a slight breeze is blowing and the golden leaves start falling from the tress like golden snow. You can hear the leaves falling intermingled with the honking of the geese overhead and in the cornfields.

Corgyncombe Cottage and Corg'ery in Autumnal Splendor!

The blustery remnants of a hurricane or a sudden autumnal shower can bring all the leaves down and deposit the lovely colours on the ground leaving an orange hue for awhile, 'til turning a dull brown.
Hurricane Sandy blew a portion of the roof off of the Turret at Castle Corgyncombe.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those folks who were affected and are suffering due to Hurricane Sandy.

Golden above and below!

High Dumpsie Dearie on biscuits at tea along with a Beatrix Potter tea set and Mrs. Rabbit figurine.

Can you imagine packing your basket with High Dumpsie Dearie and some biscuits and, oh yes, you best take along an umbrella and a cozy shawl to wrap round, as autumnal showers can come up suddenly. Walking o'er meadow, hills and vales, 'til reaching Mrs. Rabbit's burrow and then Miss Elsie Pricklish the Hedgehog's residence. They will enjoy their High Dumpsie Dearie and biscuits with tea!

Across the meadow, hills and vales... 'tis breathtaking!

The old shawl above has the loveliest colours. There are shades of Dumpsie Dearie salmon-orange, teal, and blue-gray on a cream background.
When we found this shawl, it reminded us of Mrs. Bennet's shawl in the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice (this is our favorite version of P. and P.). 'Tis the shawl she is wearing when they received the shocking news that her youngest daughter Lydia had willingly run away with the malicious Mr. Wickham!

copyright © 2012 Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson


Deborah Celtic Heart said...

What a delight, although I am sad to read about the turret at Castle Corgyncombe. I hope it will be repaired soonest. The music is playing, softly, in the background. I have the National Trust recipe for High Dumpsideary jam which carries a footnote to tell me that it is an old Gloucestershire recipe, and in Victorian days was also called Mock Apricot jam. It does, indeed, make the house smell wonderful. Thank you for a lovely post, this is a feast for the eyes and ears! C♥

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

High Dumpsie Dearie sounds mouth-wateringly lovely! I have a few bags of frozen apples in my fridge that are just waiting for me to make something out of them; perhaps I'll have to hunt up some pears and plums and give it a try! It certainly has a catchy name. :)

The fall colors are just gorgeous there; I'm grateful that you were safe during the storm.


Marqueta and children

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this! So very Autumnal! The High Dumpsie Dearie looks very glad you were all right through the hurricane.
Kathy from Colorado

jenann said...

I made this with my aunt in our Yorkshire farm kitchen, on 4th birthday and then every October until I married and moved to London. One of my teddy bears was/is named Dumpsie Deary as I thought it a beautiful name.
Thank you for such a lovely post which I found when looking for photos of fall leaves in New England. Sadly, I can't get the blog to open in my Blogger dashboard and can only put this comment on by following the link on Kathy in Colarado's comment. Hope I find the correct URL soon!

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