February 13, 2012

Melissa, Birds, Hearts and Flowers!

Valentine's Day!
Melissa, Willy Nilly Tweet Sweet, and Chirpy Cheerful
Finch Post is busy during Valentine season, delivering lovely sentiments!
Displayed on the art stand is a dove surrounded by flowers.
The art stand and red bench were made by Seth Tudor.
The art stand is a replica in miniature of the art stand that Tasha Tudor had.

Do you see Trilly up on the cupboard?
Trilly Tweet Sweet seems to have a natural sparkle about her as she flies
in with exciting news!
But, Dear Readers, you will have to wait to hear more about it!
Trilly Tweet Sweet is Willy Nilly Tweet Sweet's wife.
Above, hangs a portrait of Sarah done by Tasha Tudor.

Trilly Tweet Sweet

A Finch Post Box.
Finch Post serves the dolls at Corgyncombe with superb mail delivery service. Diane and Sarah were inspired by Tasha Tudor to have their own doll Post. Tasha Tudor's post was named Sparrow Post, where cards and goodies were delivered to her children.

Trilly, Willy Nilly, and Chirpy fly for Finch Post.

Chirpy Cheerful and Willy Nilly Tweet Sweet are both perched in chairs that Seth Tudor made.
The chair in front, that Willy Nilly is in, is a miniature replica of one that Tasha Tudor sat in do her artwork.

At Corgyncombe's Finch Post, Chirpy Cheerful holds one of the official Valentine Dolly Cards. Tasha Tudor had the children use buttons to buy goods for their dolls and animals and Sparrow Post to deliver mail. The currency for the dolls at Corgyncombe is buttons, as well. A little button box can be seen near the base of the scale.

Bleeding Heart

Melissa is wearing a heart shaped locket, much like the one that Tasha Tudor drew for the letter "L" in "A is for Annabelle".
Melissa reminds us of Tasha Tudor's doll Melissa... very much so.
Tasha Tudor wrote and illustrated books featuring her dolls, including "A is for Annabelle".
"A is for Annabelle" is about an old fashioned doll and some of her belongings from A to Z, such as her hat, earrings, hair ribbons, and her heart shaped locket.

Melissa shares a word with Trilly about the exciting news yet to come!

A delightful Valentine's Day to all our Dear Readers!



Jeanne said...

very beautiful music on your blog, thank you
thank you for keeping hystory alive and a reality

Christie said...

This is simply beautiful dear friends! Please stop in for a visit...we are finally back:)
Hoping all is well with you and all our friends at Corgyncombe Cottage.
We are in great anticipation of the news to come:)
Christie Eliza and Patty Patty

Jeri Landers said...

Cousins, Where oh where did those sweet little bird fly in from? They are such darling things. Exciting new to come? Good!
Fondly from the Hollow, Cousin Jeri

Rebecca said...

I just found your blog and I am completely in love. When I read on your side bar all the things you are interested in, they are the same as mine. Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to more posts. I would love to have you visit my blog, although it pales in comparison to yours. crossedarrowshomestead.blogspot.com

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