October 13, 2011

Winner of Corgyncombe's Tasha Tudor Book Giveaway!

Lily Dibble Dabble Draws a Winner!
Gathered at the marble water pool, the Dibble Dabbles have placed leaves with numbers written on the back, representing each entry in the Corgyncombe Courant Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration Giveaway of the book "Drawn From New England, Tasha Tudor; A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Bethany Tudor". Mama Duck has given strict orders to her little ducklings to stay out of the water and to keep from dibble dabbling in the pool of leaves! Knowing how ducks love water, this is extremely difficult!

There is a bit of a squabble as Lily and Debbie Dibble Dabble both want to pick the winner of the Giveaway! Lily is the first one to grab a leaf and so the winning number is 22 which is:
Julie at Life in Skunk Hollow!

Congratulations, Julie! We know you will enjoy this book!

Mama Dibble Dabble is wearing a handknit shawl that was made as a gift for Corgyncombe's doll Amelia by a friend of hers. Tillie Tinkham's Frocks & Fashions shoppe can be seen in the background. On August 28th, Tasha Tudor's birthday, on the very spot where Tillie Tinkham's shoppe stands in the photograph above, the floods from Irene raged through!

Bubbles Dibble Dabble is standing upon a pumpkin for a better view and Dilley Dibble Dabble is down by her Mama's side in a pink frock and bonnet, making her look like a little "Sunbonnet Baby" Duckling with only her orange bill peeking out!

Thank you to all of our dear readers who entered the Giveaway!



Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Congratulations to Julie; I'm sure she will get many happy hours out of her book. :)

The Dibble Dabbles are always so stylish!


Marqueta and children

Christie said...

My, the ducklings are precious! !
Much love and blessings to all of you,

Julie said...

Yippee! We just came home from a trip, and I decided to visit your blog. And then I found out I'm the winner! Thank you so much, Diane! What a sweet surprise to my day -

Jeri Landers said...

Lucky Julie!
Oh how I love those little Dibble Dabble ducklings! Trudy Webbytoes wishes she could join them for a waddle and a splash and a sweet pot of tea!
Cousin Jeri

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Ohhhh!!! Those Dibble Dabbles are just tooooooo CUTE!! Hee heee
Congradulations Julie! :-D
Blessings Hugs and Love Linnie

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