July 24, 2010

Helen Allingham's "Happy England"

The Lovely Fragrance of Summer's Rose
Helen Allingham's "Happy England".
Helen Allingham was famous for her watercolour paintings of children in charming clothing, thatched cottages, gardens, stone walls, and lovely landscapes.

A pink Corgnycombe rose on an old vasculum. The vasculum has such a lovely button latch.

Helen Allingham
Atop the book is some lavender from Corgyncombe gardens that Diane dried.

Grace and her Mummy Eva
Diane's Great Aunt Eva bears a striking resemblance to Diane's mother and to Diane's daughter Sarah. We also think that Aunt Eva bears a resemblance to Helen Allingham. Eva's great grandfather came from the same area in England that Helen Allingham's grandmother was from.

Little Grace reminds us of the little girl with the doll on the left, in the Helen Allingham painting "The Young Customers". The little girls are considering purchasing a toy flat iron. The old lady clerk reminds us of Tasha Tudor.


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